Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A New Journey...

Ed and I are two very lucky people. We feel lucky to have found each other...and lucky to have created two very beautiful, very happy boys.

Gavin and Brian adore each other. Lately, Brian has been trying so hard to interact with Gavin. He'll take his hand and try to lead Gavin to do what he's doing - and sometimes gets pretty bummed when Gavin doesn't budge. The other day Ed even found Brian attempting to play hide and seek with Gavin. Brian went into the hall closet which has a sliding door...and Gavin crawled up and pushed the door open to reveal Brian in a fit of giggles.

We love having two boys. And as you know, we have tried and tried...and have a third sibling. Since our wedding day we have endured eight miscarriages and Darcy's tragic stillbirth due to a cord accident at 5 1/2 months. I've written before about how dreadful infertility is. But I've also written about hope. And for some strange reason...I still have hope.

We are embarking on a new journey. And, once again, we are taking all of you along with us.

Ed and I have decided to try one last time for a baby. And we have chosen to use an egg donor. I felt if we were to try again for a pregnancy, this was our only option. My eggs seem to be on the crappy end of the quality scale so it's likely we will keep getting the same, sad result if we use them. But because of the generosity of one woman (who is an anonymous donor) giving us one single cell from her body, we will have a MUCH better chance of getting - and staying! - pregnant. The success rate using a young, healthy woman's eggs are over 50%. We are very excited...but we also decided that if this doesn't work, we will be done. For real this time. And that will be okay.

We have also decided that this will not be a secret. If we are lucky enough to get pregnant, this child will always know about the wonderful angel that lent us a cell from her body. He (or she) will learn that because of that one cell, Mommy was able to grow him in her tummy...nourish him...give birth to him...and love him. Egg donation is a wonderful gift. I hope that you'll pray along with us that we'll be delivering that gift in less than a year.

In other - equally amazing news, Brian peed on the potty tonight!!! He told me he had to go...and he really went! Boy did we have an exciting dance party tonight at our house. For many reasons!!!!

Yay, Brian!

As always, we appreciate your support, prayers and love!


  1. Your family is always in my heart, on my mind and definitely in my prayers. As the daughter of an infertile couple who really had no options to them 47 years ago- (and then God chose ME to be blessed beyond measure to be adopted by them)I really feel this is going to be the answer to your much loved and wanted newest little Leong !! I will continue to pray for blessings to fall all over you and your amazing family ♥
    Love - Kristi Burton McElroy

  2. Praying for you and your family during this time of anticipation and hope!

    Is it much the same proceedure? Will they implant more than 1 or are the odds so much higher that they feel 1 is enough?

  3. A friend of our family used donor eggs (and sperm) a few years ago due to the quality of her eggs. She gave birth to triplet (!) who are happy and healthy. I hope that you and Ed will have the same success (although maybe not triplets, unless you want them!) and will keep you in my thoughts throughout this process.

    Reading about Gavin and Brian interacting made me smile and laugh. N and Z have started to interact a bit in the last few weeks and it is just so sweet and hysterical at the same time. It definitely looks like they will have a wonderful bond and Brian is lucky to have Gavin and vice versa!

  4. Kate,
    I am so so happy for you and Ed and making this amazing decision. All 3 of my daughters were conceived via donor eggs (3 1/2 year old singleton and 2 year old twins)~ same donor both times. Anything at all I can do for you, any questions, concerns, anything at all, please reach out to me! Praying you find the perfect donor for you! It sure is an amazing journey. xo Karen

  5. This is terrific news!! My twin and I were adopted. My parents suffered many miscarriages and the birth of twin boys 3 months early. One was still born and the other lived about an hour. After 14 years of marriage they decided to save our lives and add us to their family! Then when we were 6 they had our sister also born at 6 months-she has cerebral palsy. She is a happy vibrant women who works and is getting married in Aug or Sept (depending on which hall they take). You are a terrific mom to those wonderful boys. I can see,, hear, and feel the love. Whatever is meant to be will always find a way! I am so freaking excited for you! I too would love one more-unfortunately we cannot afford it. :-( Also Kellie was 9 pounds and Cam was body cannot take anymore-I had issues with Cam.... Good luck-God bless. Thank you for sharing your journey. Much love!


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