Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Theory...

Valentine's Day continues this week! This morning Gavin gave Miss Stephanie, his Occupational Therapist, his superhero Valentine.

I think he hoped it would make up for his lackluster performance during their therapy session. He started off well with some self feeding for her...but then it all went downhill. He was more interested in staring out the window or flirting with Miss Stephanie. In his defense, she is rather beautiful. The boy has good taste.

Brian opened his Valentine from Miss Sara and her Mom when he got home from school! He was in a grouchy mood yesterday so we saved the present for today. Miss Sara gave him the sweetest Clifford DVD...and his Mom gave him a recordable teddy bear that sings songs with Brian's name!! So thoughtful.

Brian has been the "Star of the Week" at school all this week. Today his school friends gave him compliments as part of the celebration of Brian. They said things like they liked his laugh...his hair...his smile. These kids have good taste, too.

Thank you to everyone for bombarding me with emails and messages regarding Brian's food issues. I am trying to slowly get back to everyone. Just for the record, it was the Acupuncturist that told me about these sensitivities. I have an appointment with his allergist (the same one that tested him before and everything came up negative) - but not until the end of March. The only "extreme reaction" that Brian has had were those hives...and only those two times. He's had eggs and gluten and wheat and peanut butter before and nothing really has happened.

However! I do have a theory. I believe Dr. Kang, the Acupuncturist. You can't fake these tests that she does. And I immediately eliminated all of those foods from Brian's diet at home. He's completely gluten, wheat, egg and peanut butter free. I do believe in the body mind connection and will be very interested to see if this dramatic change in his diet leads to behavior changes. I even wonder if it will free up his mind and help him with his speech. I know it sounds crazy - but maybe these foods are clogging up his body in ways that we don't realize! I also realized, in hindsight, that his bowel movements tend to be on the soft side. And they're rather smelly. So, if anything, this will be a great experiment. I decided not to totally freak out until I see what the allergist says. On the bright side - out of sight, out of mind for Brian. With only new options in the pantry and the fridge, he eats whatever we give him. Thank God.

Tonight Ed is taking me and my Mom out on a date for Valentine's Day! I better run to get dressed. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow! Big thanks to Miss Sara for staying with the kids while we are out!


  1. I like your blog but I don't want to hear about the kids poop or pee or how it smells, looks etc. OK? TMI!

  2. To "Anonymous": If that's TMI, then I'd suggest you not read a blog all about KIDS.

    1. Here's the thing Courtney. I like kids. I love kids. This blog is about a lot of things. I enjoy reading it. I admit, I do not have kids and I do not understand why parents think other people want to hear about their kids poop? I really don't get it. Maybe it's something only a parent can understand. But can I speak up as the friend, aunt, volunteer, neighbor who loves your kid? Also, I can assure you my mother never talked about my poop publicly or my SAT scores. It's all part of this helicopter generation that is obsessed with every move their kid makes and thinks the rest of the world is just as interested. I read this blog because I think Kate is doing an amazing job with her kids. I like seeing their progress. I like sending her support sometimes when she is down. I don't like reading about how poop smells. Does that mean I have to miss out on the entire experience? I'm staying.

    2. Yes, you take Kate's experience warts, poop, pee and all. If you don't like it the way it is, miss out. It is Kate's journal and if she wants to talk about it, that is her choice.

      After you've sat beside a humicrib for days with your precious child, sweated for through too much IVF, wavering between life and death, you will understand why so many of us are helicopter parents. Yes, we are obsessed with every single tiny detail.

      Like Kate, I have two children with special needs who can't tell me what is wrong. And if me analysing the odour or lack thereof of their bodily outputs, I'll do it. And some.

      Until you have been there, done that, please accept others as experts because NOTHING prepares you for parenthood. Not even being a friend, aunt, volunteer, neighbour etc...Nothing.

  3. You should definitely see an allergist, but intolerance/sensitivity are most likely not going to show up on traditional tests. I have a son who is sensitive to soy although "technically" it is not an allergy. However, when soy is in his diet, he has behavior/sleep changes (not for the better!), eczema and GI problems. Soy free is much better for him.

    One way to know is to phase out the foods she identified for several weeks, and then introduce one back into the diet for a week and see if there is a difference. If you haven't already, have him tested for Celiac's, just in case. There is definitely some credibility to theory that certain foods impact behavior, etc.

  4. To the first anonymous, if you choose to read Kate's blog then you should not tell her what not to write about. Keep your opinions to your self. You don't have children so you really should not judge!


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