Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!...

Happy Valentine's Day!! My wish to all of you is to feel - even just for a second, an hour, a day - the love that can be found right here in our home. The four of us are so lucky to have each other. And I feel so lucky, every day, to have all of you. Truly.

Our little star of the week, Brian, was celebrating Valentine's Day with his friends at school. I chose to make his Valentines with him. Fish themed cards because of his love for his "Fishie" at home! The template is from Etsy - you can find it HERE. I chose to use Goldfish crackers instead of the Swedish Fish they show in the photo. I don't think I want Brian eating Swedish Fish.

I wanted to get some sweet Valentine pictures of Brian today. Maybe holding his cool sticker card that he got from Mommy and Daddy? Maybe a cute shot of him with his teachers, Miss Laura and Miss Morgan? Perhaps a photo of him with his brother - both dressed in red? Anything?? Nothing. Lately Brian has acted like an annoyed rock star when I pull out my big, huge camera that lives around my neck 24/7. I can't imagine why he'd be annoyed with the every flashing flash bulb. But he better get used to it is all I'm saying.

So I had to resort to stealth shutterbugging. I snapped this photo from the hallway of Brian finishing snack with one of his friends.

When he got home, he opened his Valentine gift from us. He is currently obsessed with Elmo and loves when I read him books that have Elmo as the star. So we gave him "Elmo's Potty Book" in the hopes that it will ignite some potty passion.

Gavin made Valentines, too! His were, no surprise, SUPERHERO themed!! We turned Tootsie Pops into Superheroes for his therapists. You can find the (very, very easy!) instructions HERE.

My little sweetie pie was happy to pose for Valentine photos for me today...well, sort of! It's hard to keep this little guy down. He is always on the move!!

Gavin's Valentine gift from Mommy and Daddy was a mini "See and Say". The arm is easy enough for him to pull on his own...and it also has a flap that he can flip back and forth like book pages...which he loves! It was a hit.

Miss Sara also brought gifts for the boys. She gavin Gavin cute new bibs - including one that says "I love Mom." I always did like that Sara.

And her Mom even sent a present!! She gave Gavin the cutest stuffed dog that, when his foot is pressed, says little phrases like "I RUV You!" How thoughtful was that?????

They also had presents for Brian. But the little guy came home from school so wound up that he landed in bed for a close to three hour nap. He'll open those gifts tomorrow.

This afternoon Miss Maggie was here for Gavin's feeding therapy. As usual, it's slow going with that - he is so reluctant to cooperate with feeding therapy. But he was happy to pose for a photo with Miss Maggie and his Valentine to her!!!

Ed and I celebrated Valentine's Day, too. I sent a bamboo plant to Ed's office...saying how lucky we were to have him as a husband and a Daddy. Ed gave me a "Mini Masseuse Massager" which I can't wait to try. You attach electrodes to spots in your body and can choose different types of massage techniques...like kneading or percussion. It came with the promise that he wouldn't stop rubbing my back at night. Yes...I am totally spoiled. :-)

Tomorrow night Ed is taking two of his favorite girls out on a date. Me, of course, and his favorite Mother in Law!!! My Mom and I are very excited. He's treating us to "The Capital Grill". Miss Sara is staying to babysit and my Mom and I are getting all dressed up for a super fancy dinner. I can't wait to have an extended Valentine celebration with two of my favorite people.

xoxoxoxo to all and to all a lovey-dovey night!

ps...I have much to say tomorrow about Brian's latest food sensitivity news - and the outpouring of support that came my way from many of you!

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