Friday, February 3, 2012

The Good With The Bad...

This morning's report from the embryologist was fabulous - at least I think so! All of the embryos divided appropriately. Two of them have reached the two cell stage. One of them is a four cell. And one is a five cell! They are all in the range of what they hoped for...and they still have a couple more days to grow and divide more, so this is great news! If you remember from our last IVF cycle, we ended up transferring a four cell and a five cell embryo - so I feel like we're already better than that at this point. It was great news to start my day.

Great news is usually tempered with not so great news, as you know. It's not terrible news...just frustrating. I went to visit my primary doctor this morning and my blood pressure (which I've been monitoring three times a day at home) has remained high. He had started me off two days ago on Procardia three times a day. Today he upped the dose to two pills three times a day - SIX total! I hate having to remember extra things. I need to keep track of my pressures over the weekend and report back to him on Monday. I just can't believe this. Ugh.

My primary doctor is in my hometown (I just can't leave him!). I was able to stop by my parent's house and have lunch with my Mom! She cooked up some homemade chicken soup...which is just what I needed. Laughing and talking with her at the kitchen table where I grew up was the other highlight of my day. I love my Mom.

Then I was off to Acupuncture. I really credit a lot already to Dr. Kang. My recovery from this egg retrieval has been SO much easier than the last time. I feel great opposed to this day last time around when I could barely move around! She did some fancy things at today's appointment to prepare me for Monday's embryo transfer and then told me to eat and drink only warm things all weekend. This will help nourish and increase the blood flow in my uterus - which will hopefully seem like a very inviting home for our little embryo to make itself comfortable.

Brian is still pretty sick and is getting increasingly frustrated with coughing, congestion and feeling bad. He's acting out and waking up in the night and just looks exhausted. I feel terrible for him. His entire new routine was turned upside down - he's missed an entire week of school and will likely miss the beginning of next week, too. The two of us are coughing up a storm.

Gavin, on the other hand, is as happy as can be. Today he did some great work in his he hadn't missed a day! And then I had him eating cheese and turkey. Miss Sara and I were shocked at how well he did eating that.

Stick around over the weekend! I'll be posting the report from the embryologist each day up until our transfer. This is such an exciting and anxious experience. Thanks for your love and support!


  1. I can only imagine how exciting and also nerve wracking it is to get a report on your little embrios each!

    Looking forward to seeing some great results and progress on them, as well as sharing happy news with you! (I'd love to see you have healthy, full term twins!)

  2. So exciting to hear this news! I will be keeping you in my thoughts all weekend!


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