Thursday, February 2, 2012

Embryology Report...

I intended to update everyone sooner when I heard from the embryologist this morning, but it took me a while to get in touch with Ed. He had a super busy day at work and I thought he should be the first to know. I know, I'm wife of the year.

So, yesterday they retrieved eleven eggs during my procedure. They took six aside and stripped them. Admittedly, I do not know what that means. But by stripping them they were able to quickly discover that four were immature and could not be used. The two mature eggs that were left underwent the ICSI procedure that I explained yesterday. Only one of those ended up fertilizing. The other five eggs were fertilized the conventional way. And out of those...three fertilized.

So, in summary...we have a total of four fertilized embryos that we're watching and praying for. Each day they will call me with a report on them. We hope that they will grow and divide the way they would inside my body. But mostly, we hope that all...or at least one of them...survive. Our embryo transfer will likely be Monday - followed by two days of strict bedrest that I am not looking forward to!

Today was a rough day. Last night after dinner the pain really kicked in and it's been full force since then. But the good's not nearly as severe as it was last time around. I intended to rest for the majority of the day - but I ended up coming down a lot because I was missing the boys. Brian also woke up really out of sorts and ended up coming back to bed with me for about an hour until he felt better.

Brian and I are the sickies of the house. Both of us are congested and have terrible coughs. Coughing for me is a double whammy - with each cough I fear my expanded, fluid filled belly will shred apart and explode. Gavin, who I thought was on his way to sickville, seems to have been spared! Thank God for small favors. Although he is still missing therapy this week due to all the germs in our house.

The next few days will have us on pins and needles as we wait for the phone to ring with the report on our embryos. Any prayers or positive thoughts sent our way would be greatly appreciated!!

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