Friday, January 27, 2012

Mommy Hangs The Moon...

Ok, before I begin - let's get one thing straight. I...and only I...hang the moon for my sons. Future girlfriends and wives beware. Because I literally hang the moon. Okay - moving on, for now.

Miss Sara, the boys and I had such an interesting morning. I scheduled a tour of a local pre-school called "Charlestown Playhouse." I invite you to click on the link and check it's a very different type of pre-school. Their philosophy is that children learn through play so there isn't a rigid structure to their school days. It almost seemed "Montessori-like" to me, so I wanted to check it out.

We had a lovely tour of the entire facility - Brian got to play in each of the classrooms and Gavin was taking everything in as well. I wanted to cry when they said that they would be willing to accommodate any type of scenario we wanted for Gavin - with a full time helper, with a walker, with a wheelchair, without any equipment. They would be sure he could enjoy everything.

I would have been sold on just that.


Isn't there always a but? Both Miss Sara and I left there feeling a little jumpy...a little chaotic inside...and both of us had headaches. It, to us, was kind of a "free for all" in that school. The children were able to run and scream and do what they wanted. I am not at all judging this type of school...or the type of curriculum...or the philosophy. Not one bit. I just know my kids...and the way they are is all my fault.

We like structure.

We're not big fans of chaos. We like order and routine.

And Gavin...well, he likes the quiet. So we said a "No, thank you!" to Charlestown Playhouse. But now I'm on a mission. I told Miss Sara that we're going on a world tour of pre-school/kindergartens until we find the perfect one. Tomorrow, Gavin and I will be attending an expo at a local school. I'm not exactly sure what to expect - the flyer was vague. But I do know that it's right down the road - and it's quite possible that I may pick up some information that might help me learn something new about schools in the area. Gavin and I are very excited!

We are in the process of rearranging our boys living spaces. Brian is going into Gavin's original room...and Gavin might go into Brian's current room (if we get pregnant, that is). Well, current until tonight. Yesterday the painting was finished in Brian's new room...and tonight we moved all of his furniture into his brand new room!!

I kept the colors the same as Gavin's original nursery - because I love it so much.

Brian helped Ed take his bed apart so we could move it...

And then helped him screw it back together (literally, he did!) once we moved it next door...


We haven't yet decided how we will decorate this room. Robots? Space? Birds? All of these are Brian's favorite things so it's such a tough decision!

I'm super proud at how easily Brian adapted to going to sleep in a brand new, undecorated room tonight. He was a little upset that I hadn't hung his moon. For Christmas we got him a "Moon in My Room" which is just about the coolest thing ever. Each night we look out his window before bed and check the current status of the moon (if we can see it!). Then we mimic the outside moon in his room! Brian LOVES this - as he loves everything planets and space. As soon as we went into his new room tonight - the moon was the first thing on his mind....

{Big thanks to our good friends, Kort and Alison, for the great train table they gave us (the trains aren't on it yet, clearly!) which we chose to use in Brian's cool new room!}

So...let it be known. To all the future ladies in my son's life. I...and only I...hang his moon. Got it? (I am going to be the world's WORST mother in law)

He went to sleep so happy - with the moon on his night table for now...

And stars illuminating his bedroom "sky".

Life is good when you're Brian Leong.
Actually, life is good if you're a Leong. Period.

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