Saturday, January 7, 2012

Little Losses...

Friday was a great day for our superhero. Actually, every day lately has been a great day for Gavin. Maybe Friday was validation for me that he really is doing as great as I think. Let me start from the end of the day.

The therapy week ends with Miss Wendy on Friday afternoons for Physical therapy. I mentioned to her that I wanted to make some adjustments to Gavin's walker. I feel like he's doing so well in it - but maybe it's "helping him" too much? He would lean on the arm rests and hunch over (much like his Mommy's bad posture!). We sat down on the floor and put our heads together and Wendy started taking pieces of his walker off. First we lost the arm rests, making the front of Gavin's walker more open.

Next we lost the back rest...something that he really didn't use anyway and just weighed the walker down.

Then we lifted it up higher - since Gavin has grown taller! It was so exciting to see him in this "new and improved" walker...and he just took right off trying to learn how to navigate it again.

The therapy day starts on Friday with Miss Stephanie for Occupational Therapy. She had such a great session with Gavin and was so impressed with him. He was cooperative and worked so hard for her. She gets here early...right at the end of Gavin's breakfast so she can work on "self feeding" with him. She often gets cooperation from Gavin (who typically spits anything solid out of his mouth - or refuses to hold a utensil) and I have been giving a lot of thought into why. I think it's because I'm losing a little bit of "dependent Gavin." Miss Stephanie has a very unique way of making Gavin feel like he's in charge. She doesn't get too "in his face" (Gavin doesn't like to be crowded or forced)...her energy is super-calm and non threatening...and she waits patiently for him to make the first move. She gets more out of Gavin than anyone - probably including me. Friday morning he was eating whole blueberries for her - and bites of banana.

Next, they moved to the table where they worked on lacing activities. Gavin reached into the bucket for the small, relatively flat discs as Stephanie asked him to.

After a few times of us watching him, it dawned on us what a big deal this was. He was doing it so he'd been doing this his whole life. In reality, he had just accomplished one of his IEP goals that Stephanie had set last year! The goal was for him to reach into a bucket for something and pull it out! While it's probably too early to "lose" that goal, it at least deserves HALF a check!

Then he followed her instruction to push the disc across the string.

Trust me when I tell you...these are really big deals. I'm so proud of Gavin!!

I really feel like I'm losing parts of the Gavin I know...tiny little losses every day. We're all getting used to the "new kid" in the house. The one that's more vocal...the one that is climbing onto and into everything...the one that is pooping without any medication...the one that is noticing his brother more and wanting what he has. This little boy is on his way.

Friday was a day to celebrate in our house - for lots of reasons.


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