Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Daddy's Birthday!!...

Today is Ed's 41st birthday! Happy Birthday to him! We are going out to dinner tonight (just the two of us) to celebrate...and then sharing his favorite Carvel ice cream cake tomorrow with the kids and Granny.

When I hear of guys that "would never change a diaper"'s hard for me to believe. Ed changed both of the boys first diapers - and thousands more since.

When I hear of guys that "would never touch the washer"...I feel sad for them. Something about watching a man fold itty bitty baby clothes makes me swoon.

When I hear of guys that come home and say "I'm hungry, why isn't dinner ready??!!??"...well, let's just say I think we're ALL lucky that Ed is a fabulous and very willing cook.

When I hear of guys that spend weekends and nights out with their friends...I feel lucky that Ed is home with me watching the Bachelor (um, he is not forced by the way) and playing with the boys.

With all that we've been through together this year, Ed deserves a wonderful birthday...and a happy year. I'm sure glad to have Ed by my side on this crazy journey of our's. And the boys are so lucky to have him as their Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!
And Happy Birthday, Ed. We love you!
xoxoxo sure to come back tomorrow. Gavin had such a great day in therapy!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ed. I hope it was a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ed and can't wait to hear what tomorrow brings!


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