Thursday, January 5, 2012

If Memory Serves Me...

This morning I had a dental appointment for a basic cleaning. Unfortunately, I left the office with dreadful news. I've written before about a terrible, awful dental experience I had many years ago - lawsuit worthy, really - where I had four unnecessary "root canals" done. Well, turned out they weren't really root canals. And now I'm having to pay for it all over again. I left the dentist today with clean teeth, no cavities, a new toothbrush...and a referral to an Endodontist. Looks like I'll be needing another root canal. Or two.

So, this is how it's going to be, 2012?? Hmmphh.

But my mood was brightened considerably when I arrived home to a HUGE box on our doorstep. It was the mattress that we will use on Gavin's big boy bed! The boys wasted no time testing it out, as you can see...

It's a rather envious mattress - made of a memory foam material. Gavin will be sleeping in style on memory foam!! If any little, hard working body deserves it - it's Gavin. He has been pushing his body to the limit lately. Today he attempted to scale a bookcase (no, I'm not kidding or exaggerating) and he also dove headfirst over the side of the tub into his freshly drawn bath. (One reason to NEVER leave the room when your child is in the bathroom or bathtub when there's water in the tub!) I was right there next to him - turned my head for a second to get the baking soda (which I add to every bath) and heard a splash. His wet little face looked stunned - but he was smiling! I think I have a daredevil on my hands. All that to say...he deserves to rest comfortably at night on something better than a crib mattress!

After lunch, Miss Janna came for Gavin's therapy.

Followed by Miss Maggie for feeding therapy.

Brian had his own lesson today with ME! We had "Juice Box Boot Camp." I saw kids drinking out of juice boxes in his new pre-school class...and I didn't want him to go unprepared! I bought a no-sugar (if that's even possible), organic apple juice in teeny tiny boxes and we started *training.* Miss Sara had a genius idea. She unfolded the corners so they stuck out and said that if Brian held on by the corners we'd be less likely to deal with him squeezing the box and have juice flying out of the straw. Well...we never got that far.

He checked it out.

He tilted it like a cup.

He accidentally pulled the straw out of the box several times.

And got about one tiny sip out of it before he called it quits and wanted to get down.

It's tough to teach a child how to drink from a juice box straw!!

Tomorrow is a big day. It's Ed's 41st birthday!! Stay tuned for the well deserved birthday tribute in tomorrow's post!

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  1. Every little boy deserves memory foam and as for root canals I am getting one too on the 11 Jan 2012


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