Friday, January 20, 2012

I Won The Lottery!!!...

Today wasn't the first day I realized it, by any means. But today is the first day I decided to share. I won the lottery. Now, I know how this goes. When you announce that you won the lottery you instantly get a swarm of vultures trying to steal what you have. Well, step off. I am not, Sir-ee. And guess what? Neither are Gavin and Brian.

Because the lottery I won has a name. And it's Sara.

Not many people can get Gavin to sit still while you hold him. But Sara can!

She knows all his favorite songs...and knows exactly when to pull them out.

He loves her so much. And he works for her, too! Yesterday she had him eating mandarin oranges - and they got through the whole container!!!

She gets the biggest smiles out of Brian. She took this photo today - and this sums up their relationship.

Sara has been with us for exactly 24 days today. I would say that she formed an irreversible bond with Gavin, Brian, Ed and myself by day 5, if not sooner. She just slid right into our routine...our family dynamic...our she was part of the family. It didn't take long for me to feel comfortable if I had to run out for an errand - or take one of the kids out and leave her with the other. This girl...she's just *got it*.

This morning I had my first appointment to officially start "round two" of IVF. It involved ultrasound and blood and a trip to a specialty pharmacy to pick up one of my injectable medication. The bummer is that my fertility office is about 20 minutes away - so the commute time plus the office time keeps me away from home for a few hours, depending on the time of day and what the appointment is for. This morning while I was gone from 9:30am until 11:30am, the boys and Sara worked on a very special project. Miss Sara helped the boys make their very own "Jet Packs"!!!!!!! I snapped a few of these photos before I left - and then Sara took the rest with my camera. I'll let these pictures tell the story...

I should add something that makes me even MORE of a lottery winner. Sara not only thought of all of this on her own time...but prepared much of this last night at her own HOME...on her own time...and bought all of the supplies on her own as well!! Who does that??? Apparently, Miss Sara does. She even researched astronaut ranks and positions...choosing Gavin as the Commander since he's the oldest. And Brian as the pilot.

If you're just joining us, I won the lottery.

I truly have to meet his girl's parents. They raised the nicest daughter...and she will be the best Mommy someday. I'm going to take a lot of the credit - you know, from on the job training. I'm sure her parents will understand. *wink*

When I got home, the boys were excited to show off how much FASTER they crawled and ran with their jet packs on.

Here's Gavin crawling...

And here's Brian running like a madman...

I feel so fortunate to have found a woman to help us every day. More than that, I feel so lucky that I also found an instant friend. Sara and I bonded pretty quickly. We work so well together! She loves my children. We love her. The end.

I also have really exciting news to share about Gavin which I'll post in tomorrow's blog. But I must end with the most exciting news EVER!

BRIAN TINKLED ON THE POTTY!!!! I discovered the secret tonight. Privacy! He wanted me to step out of the room with my long camera lens. Who knew?? Hopefully tomorrow the trend will continue and he will add more stickers to his quickly constructed "Potty Page". The pride and excitement on his face as he went to bed - it was something I will never forget.

Thank you, again and again, to Miss Sara. She started shortly after I lost my Father...then I had a rather depressing Christmas...I scared her on day one with two black eyes from a silly accident (and I'm still bruised more than a month later!)...and now I start six injections a day for IVF...let me just say - she has been a ray of sunshine. We laugh every day. jealous. I won the lottery - and so did Gavin and Brian.


  1. Wow! Those jet packs are such a fantastic project, I may have to file that idea away for my boys in a few years thank her for me!!! What a wonderful helper for you and hopefully just the person to help ease you stress a little bit.

    I wish you the best of luck on this cycle, I keep you in my thoughts often and hope that this cycle will be successful.

  2. Okay, so the jet packs are the coolest things ever, ever! Second, I agree that Miss Sara is certainly a prize. The boys look like she's been there all along in these photos. I still don't know how you go through those injections. Are they all subcutaneous or are some in the muscle - I forget. When we did trigger shots I always made sure to have the sub-q one, so I never had to rely on Nick to do it for me...
    We had a

  3. That is so awesome! I love the jet pack idea, so cool! I will have to try that one out on a rainy or snowy, stuck in the house day!

  4. Aww Sara sounds great she remind me of Virginia - our housekeeper and everybody's best friend - she died a few years ago but I know she's still with us.


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