Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Snow...

Yesterday we woke up to silence. The silence that comes with freshly fallen snow. Typically when my ears wake up (they are always ahead of my eyes) I hear traffic. There's a road right next to our house and a constant "vroom vroom" from morning to night. When my ears heard the unfamiliar didn't take long before my eyes popped open and my mind (which sometimes stays asleep all day, quite frankly) thought SNOW!

I knew that a certain someone would be so excited...and I was right. As soon as breakfast ended, Brian suited up and went outside with Ed. (Gavin isn't a big fan of the cold or the snow - which is rather convenient for me!)

Brian was a big helper - wanting to learn how to shovel just like his Daddy.

He had so much fun just shuffling around making tracks. It really is the little things.

The other day I reported that Brian tinkled on the potty...which was amazing!! Today I am here to report that, well, he hasn't done it since. He will sit there - but he just doesn't go. I even had him wearing a "Potty Watch" all day. A song plays on the watch in intervals you set up. I set it for every 30 minutes and we would go dancing to the bathroom and sit. And sit. He always ended up going in his diaper. I'm not pressuring or pushing so I know something will "click" for him soon.

Gavin, on the other hand, tinkled AND pooped on the potty yesterday! Before you get super's me that kind of caught him starting to poop and I placed him on the potty to finish. It will take a lot longer (or so I think...) for Gavin to make the connection. And then we will have to come up with a way that he can communicate to us when he needs the bathroom. But he loves sitting on the potty and was content there yesterday for over five minutes.

He swung his legs and looked around and definitely noticed when he tinkled. I think it took him by surprise.

Know what this is?

This is the new "house" for my current fertility medications! I needed a way to organize them so I'm not rifling through bags to find the right needle and the right med and "crap, where are the band aids??!!?" ... so far it's working out great.

I have three different injectable meds to take twice a day. Soon I will resemble a pin cushion, but you can't complain for something you sign up for, right? We are looking at an egg retrieval at the very start of February. Fingers and toes: commence crossing now!

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  1. Hi, I've recently been visiting your page and I just wanted to let you know that you have an amazing family (but of course you already know that :) ) I just wanted to give you a little tip on potty training that many of my friends have used, and they had boys as well. They would just allow their boys to basically run around naked and that way they get familiar with what happens, and with it being winter there are little leg warmer type things that you can buy to put on their legs so they dont get cold. The process of training them went pretty quickly. Although you may have a few accidents on he floor. I hope this may help some. Have a wonderful day.


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