Friday, January 13, 2012

Enjoy The Ride...

It's Friday!!

Miss Sara and I had a special celebration planned for today. We wanted to do something really fun to mark the end of Brian's first week of pre-school! Yesterday I thought we'd be staying home today with a sick (or sicker!) child. But Brian woke up feeling and acting fine! Whatever hit him yesterday was gone just as fast. So we stuck to our plan and took the boys to "Arnold's Family Fun Center" to go on rides and have lots of fun!

First we went on the carousel. Brian had a great time and he and Miss Sara smiled and laughed the entire way around! Gavin surprised me - he was acting a bit freaked out! I guess he is out of practice since his summer vacation on the New Jersey boardwalk!

We headed over to the train and BOTH boys loved it! Brian and Sara sat up in the front part of the train where Brian could ring the bell and be near all the "controls"
Gavin loved being in the open car where he could really enjoy all the Christmas lights that are lit all year round. Gavin had so much fun that we rode around twice!
The next stop was the highlight of the whole trip. We had a bounce house all to ourselves!! Sara jumped right in with the boys and, well...I'll let the pictures tell the story...

And then I got in to bounce with Gavin and goof around with both of really was so much fun. And I was SO grateful that we were alone. I probably would have been too scared to bring Gavin in if there were a bunch of kids. Too risky for him, physically!

Gavin loved the bouncing - and it was a bonus that he could see the white lights from the bounce house!!
We ended our time there on their indoor playground equipment.

It was a great way to celebrate Brian's latest achievement! I have been so proud of him this week. Proud of the way he adjusted so quickly and easily to school - and also how well behaved he was for his teachers.

I'm proud of Gavin, too, who was challenged this morning on the rides...and came home to have an AMAZING physical therapy session. Miss Wendy was so impressed with his progress in his walker...and just thought he seemed so much stronger than last week. Yay, Gavin!!

And I'm grateful to have Miss Sara with us. She brings out great things in both boys. Already, in such a short time, she's helped Gavin a LOT! Plus, as you can see by today's photos - she's an awful lot of fun. I lucked out, that's for sure!!

Taking the weekend off from writing. Tomorrow is my first visit to the Acupuncturist so I'll have lots to report when I get back on the blog on Monday!

Enjoy your weekend...and count your blessings. I know I do.

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  1. oh that looked like so much fun I'm crushed you guys didn't invite to come :)


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