Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't Wanna Miss A Thing...

There's never enough time in the day. A Mother's cry for thousands of years. My cry is no different. Lately...since Brian started school...I feel like time is slipping away from me. I thought with Brian in school my biggest problems would be...missing him and figuring out what to do with those hours in between. Instead, my life has become a series of managing appointments around drop off and pick up...working with Gavin in between drop off and pick up...trying to spend some time with Gavin while Brian is gone, even though the lure of my never ending "to do" list is so strong...picking up Brian and dealing with his exuberance (a fancy word for SPAZ behavior) once he gets home...therapy appointments as usual for Gavin...and more. Miss Sara and I look at each other by the end of the day with the same look of frozen fear (wait...I think that's her look) and "wow...I can't believe this day is almost over!" with that sleepy eyed type of expression. The days are over in the blink of an eye...which makes me always fearful that I'll miss something...that they'll be grown ups before I finish putting their baby books together. I know...I'm out of control.

This morning I had my first TWO "pre-school Mommy failures". Brian was sent home with an assignment last week. His teachers sent home three small, white paper plates and asked that we send them back looking like snowmen! No problem! As I read further down it said to please return them on Monday, January 24. No problem! Brian and I worked on the snowman over the weekend here and there...but we both agreed (ha ha) that we'd save the finishing touches for Monday so we could bring it in on the 24th...which is Tuesday. Following this so far? Sunday night - with Brian fast asleep - I look at the paper again. I realize they wrote "Monday the 24th." Then I look at the calendar and realize that the 24th is Tuesday. And then I panicked. OMG...did they mean Monday? Or Tuesday?? Our snowman isn't done!!!! I could easily have done it myself...and it did occur to me...but please, this is pre-school. The whole idea is to do things with your child, right? But then I thought OMG...what if I walk in tomorrow and every one of his classmates has their snowman. So my next logical thought was, "Fine...we'll scope out all of their snowmans and make sure that OURS is BETTER when we bring it in Tuesday!" (I'm a little competitive. *wink*) But then I realized - Uh oh. I'm Kate Leong...documenter of every second of my child's life. I will be expected to provide internet proof that Brian and I made this snowman. Because it's true - we really did! Keep reading!!

Ed and I are in disagreement of the snowman's name...he thinks Brian said "Star" when asked what his name should be. I was sure he was saying "Snowflake". Clearly Speech Therapy was a good call.

So, without further (boring and rambling) adieu...I introduce you to our snowman, "Mr. Star Snowflake"

The second Mommy failure? Well - it is pretty bad. *wink* See Brian's adorable button down shirt? I didn't wash it before I had him wear it for the first time. It's something I could NEVER do with Gavin. Everything has to be washed with his special detergent before it touches his skin...he's that sensitive. But this shirt - it was so cute. And I typically NEVER buy anything that would require ironing (for ANYONE!) - but I couldn't resist this cute shirt. I wanted him to at least wear it once looking perfect before it got washed and then sat in the "to be ironed" pile which might as well be the trash can. So, what was the big 'failure', you ask? Umm....I forgot to remove the price tag. Oh, whatever - like it's never happened to you.

While Brian and I were putting the finishing touches on Star Snowflake the Snoman, Gavin was working with Miss Janna and Miss Sara! The report was that Gavin was more of a daydreamer today than a color matcher. We found that earlier he was the same way when Sara and I put him in his walker. I think he was in a Monday mood.

Immediately after Janna left, I ran to my Acupuncture appointment. It's going very well...I highly recommend this type of therapy! Not to mention, you are forced to nap. She could charge me double the price and it would be worth it for that nap!!

At the end of the day - which came too fast - I captured this adorable moment. Brian was on his iPad and Gavin pulled himself up to the table to see what he was doing. Typically Brian gets upset when Gavin touches what he's playing with...but not tonight. As Gavin stood there, Brian started speaking some type of alien language - but confidently. It was like he was trying to explain to Gavin what he was doing. He didn't get frustrated or impatient at all with his big brother.

All of a sudden I realized that in ten blinks I will see this happen again. And they will be in high school...or adults. And in that moment I sent up a little prayer to God. Please...let them always be friends. And please let them always take care of each other - especially if we aren't around.

This weekend we had planned for Brian and his new friend, Mackenzie, to have a playdate at our house. Unfortunately...snow and a bit of illness with Mackenzie happened and we had to reschedule for next weekend. But in the meantime I have become friendly with Mackenzie's Mom! She gave me permission to reveal their adorable daughter to you! Brian just loves his new friend - they just clicked from that very first day. Mackenzie has some trouble with her eyesight which is why she walks with a stick. But she has no trouble seeing how cute my son is (ha ha!) and Brian and I are clearly smitten with her. We are so excited to have her over to play soon. So I leave you tonight with photos of Brian and his good friend, Mackenzie.

Were you in a bad mood before you looked at these? Then, you're welcome. *smile*

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