Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Diagnosis...

Well...this morning was Brian's cardiology appointment. After praying the entire 20 minute drive that he wouldn't throw up again (I think I was slightly traumatized by his car sickness event), we arrived intact and braved the freezing cold walk into the hospital. Brian LOVES going on never matters where it is. He's such a happy, joyful child and leaves a wake of smiles as he bounces by any passer-bys.

The first step was vitals - with blood pressures taken from both arms and a leg. He smiled through that. The next step was an EKG with stickers and wires all over his belly, chest and arms as he laid on his back on an examining table. For some reason he giggled through that! Then the doctor came in to ask about his history and listen to his heart.

We spent a lot of time talking about Brian's iPad...his cool iPad cover (which I LOVE and HIGHLY recommend)...and how kids these days seem to be born with a knowledge of computers. Brian's a whiz! That iPad is a lifesaver during doctor appointments, long camping trips in a doctor's waiting room, and during Christmas shopping.

But, I digress...where was I? Oh, child's heart. The doctor made his diagnosis. It has been officially confirmed that Brian's heart is as sweet as we thought.
The doctor said he was 95% sure that Brian's murmur was completely innocent...but to cover all our bases, he could get an ultrasound. I was fine with that - better safe than sorry. Brian was such a good boy during the ultrasound - especially when he had to lift and turn his neck in a very awkward position so she could get a shot of his artery.
I was so proud of him today. And extremely relieved that his only diagnosis was "Sweetheart"...confirmed by the doctor and every nurse and technician he came in contact with today.

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  1. Kate, that is SUCH wonderful news. My heart is happy for you.

    LOVE the new blog look! Clean and friendly. Like you! When you shower, that is. He, he.

    HAPPY New Year. I hope it is a great one for all of you.


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