Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Choredom" and Boredom...

We're getting used to our new routines around here. Each morning before Miss Sara arrives I usually have both boys down and dressed...or halfway dressed. At first I thought with Brian needing to get to school by 8:45-9am that we'd need to start our day much earlier. As it turns out, it's not that different! They are typically out of bed and downstairs by five or ten minutes before 8.

We eat our breakfast and then Brian gets to his daily chore of feeding "Fishie." He's very diligent and a very good "Fishie Daddy!" He usually brings something to show "Fishie" each morning. Lately it's been a plastic card identifying different tropical fish. A souvenir we brought back from our Hawaiian honeymoon! Brian's intention is to show "Fishie" his other fish friends, which is just so cute.

I'd like to make a "Chore Chart" (or buy a cute one!) to hang in the kitchen. If anyone has one...or can point me to some cute ones (that aren't magnets!)...I'd appreciate it. I want to make it easy for the boys so they can be successful all the time - hoping that this will get them used to "chores" as they grow. Brian's would include feeding his fish and maybe putting his shoes away...easy things like that. And Gavin's would include laps in his walker or eating one solid item each day. Then I would reward them after so many successfully accomplished "chores."

When I picked up Brian at school today he was with his little friend, Mackenzie. Brian's teacher said they play so well together and seem to like each other very much. I want to wait to get permission from Mackenzie's Mom before I show her cute little face...but I can't resist sharing this photo of them walking down the hall together holding hands after school.

Outside of play dates that were arranged at home, this is Brian's first real friend!! I'm so happy for him!

There was another first today - Brian had his very first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Before today I only used Sunflower Seed Butter (which is incredible, by the way!) because of my irrational fear of all things peanut butter. Irrational because I had both kids tested for peanut allergies (just to calm my peanut allergy nerves which stem only from fear when I hear scary peanut allergy stories!!) and they tested negative. Yet I was still afraid. Today, I am proud to say I conquered my fear!! *wink*

And Brian conquered the sandwich - in record time.

I got a surprising number of comments and emails and questions after mentioning that I'm switching the boys rooms around. Lots of people concerned about why...which I thought was interesting! So, I'll break down my rationale for all of you. Only because you asked...

Brian is in the smallest bedroom. And he has the biggest furniture.
Gavin's new bed (which is still in production) is tall - but it is a twin. I don't think Gavin will ever really "care" that he has the "smallest room."
At the moment - Gavin and Brian are across the hall from each other.
As Brian grows, he will need more room. And I think he will quickly outgrow the monkeys all over his walls. So I am moving him into what is our biggest bedroom - Gavin's baby nursery and what would have been Darcy's nursery. It will remain the same paint colors - two shades of green with a white chair rail.
Brian's current room will be completely redone. The monkey stickers will come down (no, they can't be re-used) and the walls will be painted a nice, warm tan color. The colored part of Gavin's special needs bed will be hunter green and his curtains are a green blackwatch plaid.
Gavin's current room - pale yellow walls with the huge apple trees on two of the walls and red birds flying here and there? That will remain "as is" in the hopes we will use it for a nursery. And if there is a baby in there - she (or he!) won't be sharing a wall with either of the boys. Less chance of a crying baby waking them up!
So...that's the plan and my reasons behind everything.

Also, it's winter. And I'm bored. So there you go.

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  1. Glad your routine hasn't changed drastically :) How can you be bored? Life is so interesting, fun and joyous!


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