Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And So It Goes...

Well, I tried. I tried to keep Brian quarantined as much as possible. Unfortunately, the inevitable happened. I am sick. Ed is sick. And Gavin is on his way. How do I know this? He took a nap today - a pretty lengthy one. That never happens anymore.

It hit me last night - the congestion, the cough and the sore throat. I laid awake much of the night because I felt crappy...and because I was worried. I was so, so worried that my egg retrieval would be canceled due to illness. I didn't know how the anesthesiologist would feel with me having congestion. As soon as they opened I had them on the phone - and was so relieved. Everything is still a "go" for tomorrow's procedure.

The boys and I lounged all day. Literally. (I told Miss Sara to stay away today - no one needs to see Zombie Kate in her pajamas and bed hair all day) We did a lot of nothing - including eating. Neither of them had much of an appetite. Ed stayed up late last night and made his famous Split Pea Soup so I'd have something to eat today and during my recovery...which was so sweet of him. There's nothing better than comforting soup made with love.

Tonight it will be early to bed...and tomorrow I'll be up before the sun. I'm very excited for this egg retrieval and am hoping and praying for the quality and quantity of the eggs to be excellent! My recovery last time around was pretty tough - I had to sleep sitting up for days and had a lot of tenderness and pain. Hopefully this time will be easier...especially now that I'm sick on top of it all!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we step into this terrifying and exciting IVF cycle again!


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed and you (and Ed) in my thoughts tomorrow for a really good retrieval!!!


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