Thursday, January 12, 2012

And So It Begins...

This morning when I creeped into one particular monkey's radar went off.

Something - I didn't know what - was *off*.

I brought him down for breakfast, this monkey named Brian, and observed him in the wild. Typically he plays with his toys immediately. Not today. Typically he is happy and making monkey-like sounds. Not today. Typically he is ravenous. Not even close. Not sure what was going on (because my kids are so rarely sick it's not my first instinct!) - I felt his head. Ugh. My kids are warm, like their Dad (literally and figuratively!) so that meant nothing. So I dug the thermometer out and it was normal.

I decided to trust my instinct. I got on the phone and called his teacher. My Monkey son would stay home with his Veterinarian Mommy.

Just to be safe, Brian and I retreated to my bedroom to keep our distance from Gavin and Miss Sara. We snuggled up in my bed - with Brian so excited to be on "Daddy's side" - and watched some TV.

Before I knew it, a little heat radiated and my little guy had a fever. Nothing for the record books, but enough to make me feel like I was right to keep him home. "And so it begins," I thought to myself. I knew once I released a child into the world - they would be exposed to illnesses. I just didn't think it would be this quick! *sigh* We stayed up there in bed until lunch time when we came down to eat. He barely ate anything then, either. And then he was down for several hours for his nap.

In the meantime, Gavin and Miss Sara were having a grand ol' time! They played...and Sara even helped Gavin make a "Get Well Soon - We Missed Playing With You" card for Brian! (Miss Sara is so sweet - she is such a GREAT addition to our family!) Right after lunch it was time for Gavin's feeding therapy with Miss Maggie. This would be Miss Maggie's last session with Gavin for a while because she's headed on her HONEYMOON!!!! We'll miss you, Miss Maggie - and hope you have TONS of fun!!
Gavin made her work on her last day - we pulled out all the stops with songs and lights and "jazz hands" just to get a crunch out of him. He's a toughie. It's a good thing he's cute!!! She also offered the iPad in-between tries to make him ask for his milk. He's getting there!!

Gavin also has a new skill - that if it weren't so exciting it would be frustrating. No matter how tight his tray is clicked in against his chest, he can wiggle himself up standing on the footrest and practically stand in his chair! The motivation? He realized he could bend over and bang his teeth on the tray.

Progress, nonetheless!

When Brian woke up, he was in MUCH better spirits. During his nap I ran to the grocery store and bought bags of beans. He's been very interested in Gavin's OT's "sensory box" - and he loves the sand table that has "buried treasures" at school. So I made him one to cheer him up until he goes back to school next Tuesday. He was in Heaven...

Wouldn't it be a great world if all of us were so content with the little things like Gavin and Brian are? Something to think about, for sure...

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