Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Night Before Three...

Tomorrow my baby boy turns three.


This morning we baked his cake.

This afternoon we got his birthday haircut.

And tonight, as promised, we picked out his big present. A fish! Something he has desired since seeing a fish at his Aunt Bean's house. Today he told me he wanted a "blue fish" (I speak "Brian" - but this was as clear as day). We met Ed after work at the pet store and Brian was over the moon looking at all the fish.

Check out his reaction when he got in front of all the fish...

Gavin was enthralled with the fish as well - and stuck his hand in the tank before we realized!!

Brian definitely was interested in Gavin's input when choosing a fish...
...and Daddy's, too.

We ended up choosing a blue fish - just as Brian asked for - and, thank God, one that is easy to care for. A male, blue Betta fish. And then Brian chose a decorative accent for the aquarium...a robot (robots are his current obsession). Somehow I doubt that robot will make it into the water. Why? Well, he is currently sleeping with it. Which leads me to part TWO of "The Night Before Three!"

Brian went to sleep in his BIG BOY BED! He will wake up three in style. Check out my "pre-sleep, pre-three, don your night-vision glasses now" interview with him:

He stacked up all his "guys"...his new "Angry Bird" plush toy that Daddy was suckered into after our pet store excursion (and the green pig, too!)...
...and his new, beloved robot that he's nicely holding up for the viewing audience.

He kissed Daddy goodnight...
...and then his Mommy - in an effort to prove that yes, she does exist, took their picture herself.
Am I the only Mommy that has to take her own photos in order to prove she is present? I'm always BEHIND the camera!!!!

Brian was THRILLED to sleep in his new bed, as you can see!

No fear. No anxiety. He was sound asleep within 15 minutes or less (which is typical). I really doubt that he will try to get out of his bed during the night or if he wakes up before I come in at 8am...but I will let you know in tomorrow's journal entry!

I really felt that three was the right age. Other's may differ...but this felt right to me. I didn't want to rush anything. We'll see how it goes!

Tomorrow, he will wake up three. And a new chapter begins...


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