Monday, December 12, 2011

Bottoms up!...

I have some very exciting news to share. Okay, it's not *that* exciting. But I need to drum up some distraction to cheer me up. Just go with it.

I bought a juicer!!! And someone...not mentioning any names but his adorable photo lies very excited.

What prompted this, you ask? Well, when Brian and I visited his new school we came in right at "snack time." The teacher was giving out juice boxes and pretzels. Brian has never had juice. In his life. You read that correctly. It's not that I'm a juice bigot - I love drinks of all shapes and sizes and colors. (Except the artificial colors) And I know when Brian gets a taste of juice, he will start asking for it at home. Which, to answer your question that you never really asked but I'm answering why I bought the juicer.

I thought if I made juice - from real fruit - it would not only be good for Brian...but it would be great for Gavin! Gavin looks longingly at Brian's meals sometimes. I can give Brian a bowl filled with grapes or strawberries...blueberries or bananas. Gavin only gets fruits that are pureed and mixed in with his meals. With this juicer, I can give him a concentrated (and big!) serving of juice in one cup! I'm super excited about this (and not sure why I didn't think of it sooner).

It's very easy to use. I'm showing you apples as a demonstration. All I had to do was wash and core the apples - and then threw them in with the skins!

Magically, the skins go into the container on the left of the machine...

And the juice goes into the pitcher on the right.
Honestly - it's magic. I have NO idea how it works. And it's easy to clean - especially if you have a dishwasher! I put everything in the dishwasher.

Two pounds of apples (maybe less) made two quarts of apple juice.

And the best news of the day? (As I held my breath for the taste test) The boys loved it. Gavin, especially.

It's the small things...

Do YOU have a juicer? I'd love to hear your tips...tricks...and recipes! Share with all of us!!


  1. I have a Ninja. I just blend the fruit up skins and all....extra fiber. You could use your skins (mash) and add it to muffins, cakes, cookies, breads, etc for extra fiber and nutrients. Juicing is awesome!!!

  2. I have a blendtec, and it basically does the same thing, blends the pulp, rinds, seeds, cores, and skins into the drink so that we get the added fiber - my girls LOVE it! We use Kefir as our liquid when blending for the added immune boosting, calcium and protien. Our favorite way to do it is 5 cups keifer, 1 cup yogurt, 1 over ripe banana, 1 cup frozen blue berries, 8-9 big frozen strawberries, 2 TBLS cocnut oil, and 1 shy teaspoon spoonable stevia

  3. I think you should look into a career as an infomercial spokesperson. This makes me want to get a juicer. My girls love juice, but I hate all the sugar and additives. Oh Santa.........

  4. I don't have a juicer, but I do want one in the future. It's so much healthier than the processed juices, and I bet it tastes better too.

  5. Fresh juice is great and super healthy but a few tips. Fresh juices looses their nutrients quickly so you want to juice in small amounts. I wouldn't juice more than a days worth at a time. Be careful of using only fruits. That's a ton of sugar, even though it is natural. I recommend mixing it with some veggies. Green juices are the best for you.
    Try this:
    Greens (kale or spinach)

    Cucumbers make a great base.

    Carrot and apple is good too but also a lot of sugar.


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