Thursday, November 3, 2011

Up And At 'Em!...

The top five downers of today.

  1. Gavin has a full blown cold. Runny nose, smoker's cough and lethargy.
  2. Brian has a full blown cold. Runny nose and cranky 'tude.
  3. I'm out of bed and feeling pretty crampy and stomach-achy. I'm trying not to obsess about what it could mean, but it's definitely pre-occupying my thoughts!
  4. This afternoon I was alone with the boys and had to resort to lifting them a few times, which I'm also trying hard not to obsess over.
  5. Gavin has missed almost this whole week of therapy because of his congestion...and now cold. That's such a bummer.
Now that we got THAT over with...

Here are the top TEN GREAT moments about today!

  1. I'm got out of bed just before the pressure sores were about to form on my butt!!
  2. I was able to reassure Brian that I'm just fine (he was definitely concerned when he'd come in to see me in bed...and was all about Mommy today)
  3. Miss Katja was here this morning from 8-12:30 and was such a HUGE help. Actually, she's been a huge help through this whole process. She did all the heavy lifting (ok, that only refers to Brian) and got the boys in and out of their highchairs for breakfast and lunch. She even stayed a little late so she could put the boys in their cribs for naps. I was so grateful!!!
  4. The boys actually took naps! I laid on the couch for about two hours and watched back to back "Baby Story" episodes to think positive baby thoughts.
  5. I was able to medicate Brian enough (homeopathically) to get some laughs and smiles out of him.
  6. I'm being a good girl and drinking my Gatorade, laying off caffeine, remembering to remind Ed that he needs to stab the biggest needle filled with progesterone into my butt each morning and I'm eating a pineapple a day (I have the ulcers in my mouth to prove that!).
  7. I won my fight with our insurance company who had sent less than half of what they promised to pay for Gavin's special needs "big boy bed". We received the rest of the money and will soon send it all to the manufacturer. It's good news, even though I despise the fact that so many things require "fighting."
  8. Our good friends, Drew and Melissa, brought their baby, AJ, home from the hospital!! I couldn't help but steal this photo from them to share with you. It's just too gorgeous not to share. Can we talk about that hair?!?
  9. My eldest child, even under the weather, considered making dinner for us tonight. He got as far as getting into the pots. But when he asked me how to use them, I was stumped. And that was that. But his intention was there!!
  10. And the best news of all? Today I witnessed Gavin get on his tiptoes! Something I have never seen. Seems small...but I assure you it is so not.
Thank you, again and again and again, for the comments and emails and confidence boosters. You are helping me get through this very anxious time while we wait and pray...hoping that at least one of these embryos implant and grow. Every IVF Mom...actually every Mom...should have this much support and love.

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  1. Sending lots of positive ~~~~~~~~~baby vibes~~~~~~~~, Kate!


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