Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grow, Embies, Grow!...

This morning we were up early. Ed had to administer a shot of Progesterone into my...how to put this delicately...into my arse. He will do this every morning for the next two weeks until a pregnancy is confirmed (or not).

We greeted Miss Katja who came early and stayed all day with the boys. We're so grateful to our neighbor friends, Gabe and Lauren, who Katja now works for. They gave her up for the day so she could help us. SO grateful. We kissed the boys goodbye and off we went.

Ed and I were still a bit undecided whether to transfer both embryos or just one so we spent the car ride discussing the pros and cons. In the end, we decided to wait until we got there. For all we knew one of the embryos may have not made it through the night! We had a long talk with the embryologist and she explained why they were strongly suggesting the transfer of both. Here is a photo of our two little embryos. (Aren't they adorable? I swear the one on the right looks just like me.)

There is a grading process for embryos based partly on the number of cells that make them up. The embryo on the left has four cells and some of what's called fragmentation. The one on the right has five cells and less fragmentation than the left. Both of them are symmetrical - meaning there are no squares or rectangles or alien shape forms - they're all circles that have divided symmetrically. They graded our embryos as "C Quality". I'm kind of used to C grades, but this didn't feel good. She explained to us that if she had left them to incubate and checked on them at 11 tonight it's very possible that they would have become "B Quality" - but it's always best to transfer them into the best incubator - my uterus. I feel so lucky to have these photos! Who can say that they have such early photos of their children?

Next the doctor came in. He also talked with us about the quality - why transferring both gave us better odds of conceiving. Then he said something that sealed the deal for Ed. "With these embryos, you have a less than 1% chance of conceiving twins." Just like that, Ed said to transfer both.

The procedure itself wasn't painful. They collect the embryos into a catheter with a long tube. The catheter is guided inside me...through my cervix...and then we watched on the ultrasound as the embryos were dropped off at home. Right inside my womb. I laid there for about a half hour before they sent me home.

I'm on strict bedrest all day today and tomorrow. The hope is that the embryos will begin to implant into the uterine wall. The cells will begin to divide and hopefully grow into a baby (or two)! Once it does, my body will begin to secrete the HCG hormone into my blood stream which is how I will know if I'm pregnant! I really need to take it easy even once I'm off bedrest.

I had visits throughout the day from my two sons, previously known as embryos. We read books before their naps and then just hung out. Brian immediately hijacked my iPad while Gavin just snuggled up with me.

Thank you for all of your encouraging emails and comments. I've taken much of your advice - including overdosing on Pineapple during this time! Apparently, pineapple contains Bromelaine which can aid with implantation of the embryos. And, it tastes good. I am always humbled by the outpouring of support from all over the world. I now have friends in Australia, England, Spain, Greece, Canada, Hawaii - and all over the United States. Between all of us and our prayers - we'll see that positive pregnancy test in no time!

Grow, embies, grow!!


  1. Grow babies grow! You know I am praying for those little babies and their Momma, too.

  2. I hope they grow too! This is supposed to be a lucky day for this year because of the date, so hopefully that luck will work for you too :)

  3. I know this may sound strange, but when my husband and I were going through infertility treatments after I had my inseminations I would lie there and relax and visualize the sperm and the egg meeting. Just try to relax as much as possible with those two sweet little boys. You have many, many people praying for you. I am one of them. You deserve as many babies as you want. God bless. :)

  4. Sending you many positive thoughts Kate!!

  5. I had two embyro's make it to transfer day (we started at 14, 12 were mature, 7 fertilized, only 2 made it to day 5 transfer) one was good (they didn't give us the actual grades) and one wasn't. They put back both figuring only one would take because of the quality of the embryo's. I have TWO little boys sleeping upstairs as I write this, so it just goes to show that you never know!!! Best of luck, I hope to see a positive test very soon. (Don't forget if you did an HCG trigger it takes about 6 or 7 days to get out of your system, you can test it out if you want until you get a negative then you can test again a day or so later).


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