Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You Win Some, You Lose Some...

Today I kinda sorta attended a training session given by the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network. The course was called:

"iPads and iPods in Classroom and Therapy Settings: Powerful Tools for SLPs and Special Educators"

Here's a link so you can see what this class was all about.

It was from 9-3 and I must admit...I had high hopes. Three of Gavin's old and new therapists and his nurse signed up, too! Before I got there, I knew I'd need to leave early as I only had my sister until 1 or 1:30. Turned out - I was home by noon. The class, with no disrespect to the other attendees, was kind of a waste of my time. First, they had major technological issues. It was a webinar, meaning it was live in one location and broadcast to several other locations. The video feed kept freezing or skipping and everyone was getting pretty antsy and annoyed. Then, when the video did work, it was all content that I already knew. It just wasn't what I expected. So, instead of sitting there and playing Angry Birds or Scrabble all day on my iPad, I decided to come home to be with the boys.

When I got home the boys were eating their lunch. They had a great morning with their Aunt Bean! She had Gavin giggling...and she told me that Brian amazed her on the iPad showing her all his fun apps.

Speaking of which - today I got wind of an amazing deal! Target's "Deal of the Day" was an iPad for $449. It's a great deal for a first generation iPad that was hard to pass up. I ended up buying it for Brian so he can have his own and stop stealing Gavin's! I've been squirreling away money for this luxury purchase so this deal came at just the right time. Brian's going to flip out when it arrives. Turns out I bought it just in time as they sold out pretty quickly.

I am currently in an appeal process with our health insurance company. They had verbally and in writing promised to cover Gavin's bed back in JULY. Since then it was one stall tactic after another - totally wasting my time with "we need this" and "oh, didn't we tell you we need that?" and "you didn't send this". Finally they called to say they were sending the check - which I expected to be for the FULL amount of the bed which was over $5,000. Well - the check came for $2,000 and needless to say - I'm pissed. They're telling me that I must have forgotten something...which is a bunch of bull. So now it's "in review" - which is also bull since why should they need to review something THEY already promised to pay? I'm staring at the letter right now! (Well - kind of - I can see it out of the corner of my angry eyes)

Why is nothing easy when it comes to getting things covered for our superhero? Clearly they don't know who he is...

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  1. Why is the bed so expensive if it is made by people that did it for their own child with special needs and must know how expensive and difficult it is to help them?


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