Thursday, October 27, 2011

Retractions and Extractions...

There's a reason that I don't work for Time Magazine. Looks like I'm not much of a fact checker. I got a few emails politely correcting some of my statements about Proloquo2Go. What I should have said was "We have not been able to figure out how to..." or "I'm too busy to go through eight steps to..." or "I can't be bothered reading the very detailed manual and need something quicker to manage." Instead I made bold, sweeping statements like "You can't add your own photos" (which apparently is not true!). I am hereby retracting all of my incorrect and grandiose statements about Proloquo2Go - except the part where I said it was a great app. Because it is. And I went back and edited yesterday's post. I guess I would never make a good journalist. Oh well.

Thank you again to Kirsten and Eric, the developers of the So Much 2 Say Communication App I reviewed yesterday. Apple allots them only a small amount of free trials to give away - and by the time I did my review she had gone through a lot. But I feel lucky that I am able to give TWO away tonight. It hurts my heart to not be able to pick everyone - but I feel better knowing that the app is VERY affordable if you choose to buy it. So, with that said... in a lottery drawing done just now with Ed as a witness - the app promo codes go to:

Serena O'Malley
Courtney Norris

I will be emailing you your promo codes this evening! I'd love for you to stop back and let us know how your child does with the app.

Today was busy from the start. Miss Katja was nice to come early this morning so I could get to an appointment with the fertility clinic. I had to leave the house at 7:40. More on that later. When I got home we literally put the kids in the car right away and headed to the pediatrician for flu vaccinations! Gavin smiled through his injection...and Brian easily took the flu mist. No tears here!!

After lunch it was time for Gavin's teacher to come. Miss Janna is always so wonderful to Brian when he's around during therapy. Today he happened to have a late lunch and wasn't yet down for his nap. He never likes to miss the action...

...and Janna often includes him in such a sweet way.

Gavin and Brian are both very enamored with Miss Janna.

There is big news on the fertility front. After my ultrasound this morning showed ten mature follicles on my left side - and four on my right - I was scheduled for my egg retrieval this Saturday! Everything is very regimented in IVF. When they called me I had to immediately take my stimulation injections - the one's I've been taking every night. Then...exactly at 9:30 this evening, Ed is in charge of injecting me with HCG. Why Ed? Well - it has to go in my hip area and since it's a very long needle it's a bit awkward to do by myself. He's a sport to do this - for sure. The HCG is to trigger the follicles to release their eggs - just in time for them to be extracted by the doctor on Saturday morning. I will be under anesthesia for this. It's all pretty fascinating; but I have to say - this whole process has been enormously stressful for me. It may not show on the outside - it's business as usual around here. But I'm a wreck. There is so much riding on this - for me. I am a little worried about how I'll handle it if it's not a success. But I guess we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. In the meantime - I need to start trying to relax. My body is so tense I can barely breathe. It's not in my hands. It's not in my hands. It's not in my hands. Rinse, repeat.


  1. I am praying for you Kate. But just want to say...I had a dream about you last night and there was a baby in it. Hope it's a little clairvoyance on my part.

  2. Best of luck on Saturday! It isn't as bad as you think, but be sure to get plenty of rest and let Ed wait on you hand and foot on Saturday!!! Also drink lots of gatorade or muscle milk or the like to absorb the fluid and help prevent OHSS.

    This is probably totally not true, but I did it and we got pregnant so it's worth a shot! They say eating an entire pineapple helps with implantation. You start eating it the day of transfer. Take a whole pineapple (core and all) divide it into five equal sections and eat one section per day from the day of transfer onward.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I start stimming for round two next Friday.

  3. Woo hoo! Oh, and for what it's worth, I just got proloquo2go, and I'm completely overwhelmed. I've even watched a few of the instruction videos and I'm still at a loss as to how to "simplify" it without permanently deleting things. It's a great program, no doubt. But for a mom who has a gazillion things to do (like you and I do), spending a ton of time to modify a $200 app to make it work for our kiddos is just not in the cards....well, not for this busy Mama at least. I'm thrilled to be able to try So Much 2 Say, and I'll definitely come back and let you know how it worked for Michael. Woo hoo!!


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