Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mortified Mommy...

Last night before I went to bed I went in to check on the boys, as I always do. But I also wanted to take Gavin out of his crib to check his eye. It was red - very red - when I put him down and I was very, very worried. The eye surgeon has told me, essentially, to 'not get too comfortable' with his healed eye. It will remain fragile - to dry air, to slight abrasions - and could tear again. I really feared last night that "it" had happened. At 10pm - still red. At 2:30 - still red. I generously applied ointment to the eye both times.
I barely slept I was so anxious.

Then this morning, before 8am, I walked into his room holding my breath. I peered over his crib and saw him looking down at his book. I called his name and he slowly lifted his head up smiling from ear to ear. Soon I was, too, when I saw the WHITES of his eyes!! I've never been so relieved.

If you look closely at his left eye in this photo - you can see a haze which is the scar from his awful corneal abrasion last year. I took the picture with the light hitting his eye so the haze showed up...but it is pretty hard to see in real life. You wouldn't know unless I told you it was there.

After breakfast the four of us headed to a local outlet mall. I was on a mission to find some onesie snap shirts for Gavin - which are getting harder and harder to find as he grows. We discovered today that "Osh Kosh", a store we normally don't shop in, runs big. So a 24month size shirt is the size of a 2T in Carter's - which is perfect for Gavin! Score!!

Then we headed to Stride Rite. I wanted to get Brian a new pair of shoes as his sneakers are getting a little tight. Uh...turns out "little tight" is a "BIG" understatement. Boy was I mortified when the woman measured his feet and the 6 1/2 size I was shopping for should have been an 8 1/2 WIDE! WHAT???? I feel just awful that I was stuffing his cute fat feet into shoes that were SO small for him! In my defense, they went on easily - even with my arthritic hands - so I really thought they still fit! Poor Brian. He came home with two cool new pair of boats today, though, so all is well. 8 1/2 wide. Wow.

The rest of the day was spent putzing. The boys and I went for a long walk - Brian pointed out every neighbors scarecrow, pumpkin and ghost and kicked his way through all of their leaves. Ed was busy in the kitchen today making a TON of yams for me, which was very nice. Gavin was really interested in the process today - which was cracking us up. He wanted in on the action!

Tomorrow's a big day! Our neighborhood has a little Halloween event for the kids in one of the cul-de-sacs. I'm excited to catch up with many of our neighbors. And I can't wait to reveal Gavin and Brian's costumes to all of you! The costumes were inspired by a favorite book in our house. I guess you'll just have to wait and see!

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  1. Your babies are so precious! I love reading this blog. :)


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