Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hold Onto Your Seats...

Brian definitely redeemed himself today. *wink* His teacher, Miss Christi, was here this morning and he was really on his best behavior. Brian and I had been working all week on our assignment of saying different sounds - and he really performed! Problem is, he performed for me. Private showing only, I'm afraid. That's often how it goes around here...making Mommy look like a big liar. He did a good job with Christi, though, and she asked that I try to capture his performances on video this week (you know I pretty much WEAR this camera all day anyway!) so she can see. Keep your fingers crossed that when the camera light goes on, Brian doesn't turn off this week.
The rest of the day was super busy. I'm actively interviewing for a new helper. I have TEN interviews scheduled between today (where I already had two!) and Saturday! I really enjoy being alone with the boys - but having someone here all the time makes for such a peaceful day. Take today for example. This afternoon there was a contractor in our basement. When Hurricane Irene hit us in August, we had some water in our basement. Today the guy came to at least remove the drywall that got wet. He was alone and had to schlep all the drywall and insulation pieces up the basement stairs and through our kitchen and out through the laundry room into our garage. Which meant - we were banished to the upstairs. If I had known ahead of time this was happening, I would have been more prepared. But it was a quick banishment and the three of us made the best of it in my bedroom for hours. In this case, it would have been nice to have another set of hands. Gavin needed to eat...Brian was hungry...washer was was ringing...etc, etc. It was a nutty afternoon.

I also think I should wait to continue this "potty business" until I have someone here with me. Picture this: I sense Gavin needs to go so we get to the bathroom where I sit him on the little potty seat. Brian is curious, of course, and follows us. Gavin doesn't poop on the potty, but already had a little "nugget" there that just fell into the potty. So after a full minute of trying to keep a squirming Gavin sitting on the seat I take him off and proclaim - "GAVIN!! YOU POOPED ON THE POTTY!!!" This gets Brian super-curious and he leans over and looks into the bowl and sees the tiny nugget. I look up - "Brian, do you want to try?" He shakes his head vigorously and says, "no no no." I tell him that he'll get a special treat if he tries - so he slinks over to me and agrees to sit down. While he is sitting and wondering what in the world he's doing there, I hear Gavin. He's out in the kitchen banging his teeth on the granite countertop. Not good. I run to get him - which prompts Brian to stand up and try to follow me with his pants around his ankles. He falls of course and he's bummed. We all get back into the bathroom and I have the brilliant idea to close the door, trapping all of us inside. Brian sits back down. Gavin then starts to try to climb over me to get to the big toilet - he's obsessed with that big toilet and if the lid is left down he will go swimming. He gets mad at me for blocking him, so he pulls himself up to the sink to bang his teeth on the porcelain. And then the phone rings. I ignore that, of course...but I think that was the moment I said "forget it" and we all left the bathroom and decided to go play. Oy!!

The rest of the day I felt like a "failure" - and I don't meant that literally, so don't write. I started this potty thing - so I felt I should be consistent. But then there was the first interview - and during the interview Gavin started to try to poop. And then there was the contractor - and when we were banished upstairs I didn't think to bring diapers, let alone the potty seat! And then we all had to head to the car dealership 40 minutes away to pick up my car which was getting a new windshield. A rock destroyed my old one. It was a big conspiracy against potty training either boy today.

But the good news? Brian seemed into it. He hasn't done anything in the potty yet - but he was okay with the whole thing. Things are going to start getting interesting around here...

Hold onto your seats. Your potty seats, that is.

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