Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good Night, Gorilla!...

Today was the neighborhood Halloween party! The boys costumes were inspired by the book "Goodnight Gorilla" - Brian's favorite book at the time I bought them. The book is about a Zookeeper who is saying goodnight to all the animals in the zoo. But he doesn't realize that as he walks through the zoo, a gorilla steals his keys and opens up all the animal cages. They all follow the Zookeeper home and into his bedroom to go to sleep! Brian gets a big kick out of the Zookeeper with his flashlight.

So, it was only fitting that Gavin dress as a lion and Brian as the Zookeeper! They were both so good for their photo session before we left for the party. And now, for the deluge of pictures...

A few wonderful neighbors coordinate this fun Halloween party for the kids every year. There are snacks (Brian LOVED the snack table!), a craft table and fun games. Brian participated in the "Donut eating contest" - where the kids have to try to take bites out of hanging donuts without using their hands.

As you can see in the video - Brian was AMAZING at this game...

Okay, maybe he cheated a little.
In his defense, it was a really good looking donut. I really can't blame him for just grabbing it and stuffing it in his mouth.

Gavin wasn't feeling the party as much. Ed and I took turns walking around with him - I think he was equal parts hot and hungry. A deadly combination for Gavin. We stayed for a little while and then brought him home so he could eat. All in all it was a great time and I was happy to catch up with some of my neighbors - even for two minute conversations! And I'm always happy to see their kids.

We have such an incredible neighborhood.


  1. Cute

  2. check out Peggy Rathmann's other book, 10 minutes til bedtime! if you look closely, you might find some familiar characters in the background! the kids look so cute! my 6 year old was a lion for his first 2 Halloweens. now we're on to Darth Vader!


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