Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brian's Big Evaluation...

Today was all about Brian. This afternoon I had a speech therapist, a teacher, a psychologist and an occupational therapist here to evaluate him. Right now he's receiving "Early Intervention" for speech and teaching services - which stops when he turns three. The evaluation is necessary for his transition to the school based programs. They need to see if he'll qualify (which he will because of his speech issues) and then they will recommend schools or programs that would fit his needs.

I was holding my breath when they all arrived...hoping that Brian would be on his best behavior and do everything they asked of him. He is two after all! Turns out I didn't have a thing to worry about. Brian was an angel! He sat sweetly among this group of women - hanging on their every word and direction. He tried everything they asked of him and was very cooperative! And, he showed off just how smart he is. (Mommy bragging is allowed on my blog)

Just like last time he was evaluated (to get him into Early Intervention), I was bummed when he was distracted during a few questions. Like pointing out body parts on a doll - which he totally knows. It was hard to sit back and not coach him! But I think they got an overall idea of his strengths and weaknesses from seeing him for an hour. His biggest weakness (besides having extreme good looks...sorry, can't help it) is still speech. But he is getting better every day - trying to parrot everything we say.

Everyone was impressed with Brian's patience. They were here for a little over an hour testing and quizzing and "playing" with him. I was so incredibly proud of him. He got the biggest hug and the biggest cookie when everyone left!

It will be a few weeks before I get the results of their evaluation along with their recommendations.

While they were here, a small knock on the door announced the arrival of Brian's iPad! After squirreling away money I pounced on a one day deal at Target for a cheap (and new!) iPad. Now Brian and Gavin both have their own! Since my posts on iPad apps, I've encountered a couple more I'd like to share.

For Brian... an app called Toca Tea Party! It is the most adorable app to pretend play with. We set up three of his Little People at each place setting and then pretend they are having a tea party. It was very easy for him to learn how to set the table, fill glasses or tea cups, eat and drink the food - and even clean up spills on the table. This Mommy give it two thumbs up.

For Gavin...something very exciting. I wrote before that we have been using Proloquo2Go with him. I think it's a wonderful app, but it can also be complicated to use. And it's not cheap. Gavin's speech therapist and I often complain about it being not so "user friendly" - and not so easy for Gavin to use. I belong to a Facebook group - "iTeach Special Education - iDevices in Special Education". It's a support network for people using iOS (Apple Operating System) devices and apps in special education. I would recommend this group to any parent or therapist to special needs kids. It's a great resource. It was on this page that I encountered a woman who, along with her husband, developed a brand new communication app for the iPad. She graciously offered me a free trial. AND - if I honsetly review the app here on my blog, I will get some more free trials for some of my readers!! I typically don't "review" things on this blog for swag - but this is different. I like the idea of potentially helping some other Moms out there by giving them the chance to test out this new app. I will write up my full review (with video of Gavin using it) in tomorrow's journal. I have a lot to say about it.

The app is called "So Much 2 Say". While you're waiting to hear about our experience with it, you can check out a video explaining how to use the program here...

I've never done a giveaway - and I'm not sure yet just how many I will have to give away. I do know that I'm very concerned about fairness and not disappointing anyone. So I'm pretty sure I'll do it by lottery. After checking out the app in the video above - and reading my review tomorrow - leave a comment if you are interested in participating in the drawing!


  1. Ooh! Count me in! I've been trying to figure out how to simplify a really complicated program because I've been unable to find something that's at Michael's current level. I want something that would start out by mimicking a simple PECS program that I could then build upon. This one looks perfect, and I love the name.

  2. I'm definitely interested!! My son has 22q and major speech delays so anything will help him while we're waiting for his evaluation from the intermediate unit to come back.


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