Friday, October 7, 2011

Beautiful Distractions...

Last night at 6pm I was in a dental chair inhaling nitrous oxide and gripping the arm rests for dear life. I was there for an emergency root canal. Root canal. On a tooth that I was told already HAD a root canal by a charlatan doctor years ago. But I digress....

It took what seemed forever. By the time I left it was dark and the boys were in their pajamas off to dreamland. As the novacaine (lots and lots of it) wore off, I felt miserable. I was given a high dose of Ibuprofen, antibiotics and a steroids for inflammation and pain. So if my writing starts to deepen or this entry take an unexplainable angry turn, you'll know why.

Today I've been in quite a bit of pain, but felt very blessed by two little boys who seemed to sense that I was not 100%. Brian quietly played or showered me with hugs and kisses throughout the day. And Gavin had two therapies and was a rock star.

First, with Miss Stephanie for OT where he showed off picking up pegs and dropping them in a bucket.

Then in the afternoon he was with Miss Wendy who saw a marked improvement in his strength since last week. Maybe four is a magic number for him? She had him stand up on his own numerous times and every time he came up he was smiling.
If it weren't for these two happy boys today, it would have been dreadful. I easily could have stayed in bed all day moping and feeling sorry for myself. Lucky me that I have such beautiful distractions in my life!!

With that said, I'm taking the rest of the weekend off to enjoy my family. No blog until...gulp...Monday!! Try not to miss me too much... *wink*

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