Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Angry Birds...

I have been getting a ton of complaints about how late I've been posting my blog lately. Okay, I only got one. And it was my Mom. But she's right - things have changed! It's getting harder during the day when I'm alone and there's lots to do! Especially when Brian take my hand every five minutes to go somewhere or do something. Who could resist that??

The boys and I had a pretty fun day today! This morning Brian had his session with Miss Christi, his teacher. He did a good job! Christi gave me an assignment this week to work on getting him to imitate the following sounds in isolation: b, p, d, m, g, n, ka, ye and fah. We've got a lot of work to do this week! I will keep track of which ones he says. He does tend to perform well when it's just the two of us. He's not always fond of "performing on command."

After therapy and lunch - the boys and I went shopping! One of the luxuries of being alone (and having an afternoon free of therapy) is that I can do whatever I want. Today - for some strange reason - I chose shopping. One of my least favorite activities in life. We spent about two hours in Kohl's while I tried on tons of clothes. I'm pretty lame. I seriously have been wearing the same clothes for the last 3-4 years. The boys were good for my ego as they smiled and laughed in the dressing room. (I chose to interpret the smiling and laughing as adoring looks and praise, ok?) They were such good boys - and so patient.

Later this afternoon after baths, Brian set himself up on the iPad.
He is pretty hilarious with it! He can turn it on and pick his own apps. I need to clear off the grown up apps soon as Brian always gravitates to "Angry Birds."

I wouldn't care, but he's close to beating my high score at this point. That would be pretty embarrassing.

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  1. How cute. I love how he can choose his own apps and play the games on there. Way to go Brian! You're quite the rockstar!


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