Saturday, September 3, 2011

What You Missed...

Yesterday I didn't show up to work. I mean here. I just didn't feel like it. I didn't even call in sick. I sometimes get complaints when I don't write my blog. Okay, not really...but kind of from Ed. He claims that he doesn't know what's going on in our house if I don't write about it. I'm pretty sure he's kidding, but I guess you never know. He also hates when he's behind in reading and someone approaches him and says, "I can't believe Kate said..." or "I can't believe Kate did..." and he has to nod and pretend he knows what the heck they're talking about. Moral of the story is - you can't please everyone and apparently not showing up to your job as a blogger doesn't mean anything. I didn't even get a warning or a demotion or anything! I love this job!!

So...let me catch you (and my husband) up on all the exciting happenings in the Leong house. Oh boy, has it been hopping around here. And I am not kidding about that!

Gavin is doing a great job with his iPad. Miss Maggie saw him using it on Thursday - the first time in close to a month while they were on break - and was impressed! We are currently using Proloquo2Go the most as his communication device. It's was slow going for a while - trying to get him to touch the screen and understand the concept. Over the therapy break I had him use the iPad a lot - and at his own pace. It was never forced it and we always made it fun. Songs and books and fun apps that grabbed his attention.

I think this helped him "like" the iPad much more. So, when Miss Maggie was here on Thursday we practiced on Proloquo2Go again. This time, we added Gavin's newest obsession - his electric toothbrush.

He had to touch the screen in order to get the toothbrush which he now can hold and use all by himself (I know! Huge!!!).

Miss Janna came the same day and I'm not sure who was more excited - her or Gavin. Gavin is completely smitten with Janna and I caught him snuggling up to her with the biggest smile several times. She brought a book with a hand puppet and Gavin's job was to add the eyes, nose, ears and mouth to the puppet to make a face. He did a great job picking up these cloth pieces with her help!
She also brought something called a "Vibrating Snake". It can bend and twist and be used in multiple ways. That day we used it on top of his chest strap. It lightly vibrates and is meant to calm a child who can be fidgety. I grabbed my iPad during the session and googled it - SURE that it was going to cost a lot (like most "special needs" items) and was SHOCKED when I found it on Amazon for $19.00! I bought it right then...but Janna let us borrow hers until ours arrives. Here is a video of their session....and you can hear and see the vibrating snake at the end.

So that was Thursday.

Friday was Miss Katja's last day. She was here until 1pm and then left for her new job at my neighbor's house! We were sad to see her go and sent her off with flowers, a balloon, a gift and home made cards.

Also on Friday was Occupational Therapy with Miss Stephanie. She, too, was amazed at Gavin's progress and growth over the therapy break. She couldn't believe how he held and used his own toothbrush - and how he picked up his cup and drank from the straw on his own. She loved that one of his big goals at his last IEP could be "checked off"...and so was I.

Stephanie brought the cutest toy with her. It was a pie shell filled with colorful plastic fruit pieces. She was having Gavin pick up the little fruit pieces and drop them in a container. Brian got into the action, too, and had a great time.
Then we pretended that it was the end of Thanksgiving dinner and almost on cue...

After lunch, Miss Wendy arrived for Gavin's Physical Therapy. I didn't take a single photo so you'll have to take my word that Gavin was a rock star. She thought he felt so much stronger. And she also saw a huge improvement in his walker skills - he demonstrated much more control than before the break. I attribute this to our driveway walking - having him walk up the driveway is easier and the walker doesn't get away from him. I think this built his confidence. Yippee!!!

While Miss Wendy was leaving...Miss Sarah was on her way down the driveway. She's back from her mission trip after a long six...almost seven...months. She's tan and happy and I was really so happy to see her. So happy. I closed the door to the laundry room so we could have a big hug before the boys even knew she was here. And then I turned on my video camera to film Brian...and then see their reactions.

Brian was confused for a minute - but it didn't take long for it to "click" that this was his Sarah. The heart doesn't forget. Check this out...

And then she went in the playroom to see Gavin. Although it may seem that he's not phased, that's just Gavin. Those who know him well know that the huge smile speaks volumes. Check it out...

Sarah stuck around for hours telling me stories about working in New Zealand...and the most touching stories of cutting the nails and hair of the slum kids in India. She has found her true calling in life and it's evident in her face and how passionately she recounts her experiences. She promised that she'd come back again before she's off on another mission in just a few short weeks.

So now you're caught up. This weekend is going to be laid back - I'd like to get as much work done as I can on Gavin's birthday video...and then get ready for Miss Anna's first day on Tuesday.

I leave you with one request. We are now in the holding period...waiting to see if we were successful this month in our quest for that third child. If you have any spare positive thoughts or prayers to send our way, we'd really...really...REALLY...appreciate them. This month was our last ditch effort to conceive on our own before we turn to In Vitro Fertilization.

Let the praying and positive thinking commence!

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