Monday, September 12, 2011

Revolving Door...

Today was a whirlwind of people, activities and "to-do list" check offs. The first person to arrive was a landscaper who worked on the front of our house last year. When water was pouring into our basement during Hurricane Irene - and even recently during a week's worth of rain - we thought it might be possible that the landscapers didn't grade the mulch away from the house. Or something like that. We really don't get water in the basement like this so we needed some kind of explanation. As I suspected - we're just one of MANY people who were shocked to find water in their basements. We've received well over 16 inches of water in our area, he told me. It's no surprise that water seeped in.

After meeting with him, I got Gavin and Anna into the chamber and worked to finish up my tagging for tomorrow's consignment sale. I am participating in the Just Between Friend's Sale in my area - which I do twice a year. Halfway through there was a knock on the door. It was Miss Katja and her boyfriend, Franco! Franco was here to touch up some paint for me...and Katja came to visit. Before they left, Anna called me from the chamber because Gavin's O2 mask stopped working. She turned off the compressor to talk to me about it - I fixed the issue - and then, for some reason, the compressor wouldn't go back on. This could be bad. I had to get them out of the chamber since it wouldn't go back on. Please pray that it's not broken. That would be really bad. Really bad.

After getting them out of the chamber, I tried to finish up the tagging while Anna put Gavin in his walker. She's doing a great job with him! Soon it was time for lunch - and a visit from Granny!! My Mom stopped by for a short visit to see the boys. Brian was so happy - he is very attached to his Granny.

Granny was happy to see how well Gavin was doing - he showed her how fast he crawls up the stairs and how he does his "spin art".
Miss Janna arrived for Gavin's therapy as my Mom was on her way out. Brian was intrigued by Janna's cool toys and she was nice enough to let him join in the fun.

After a few minutes I went and hid so Miss Anna could try to take Brian up for a nap. He's a bit of a Mommy's boy and typically only wants ME to put him to bed. But I may not be here sometimes so I had to start letting go and getting him used to other people reading to him and tucking him in. As I stood in the laundry room and heard him cry, my heart hurt. But, thankfully, it didn't last for long. And the little manipulator convinced Anna to read him FIVE books (we usually read one!) before putting him in his crib. I might have just lost my job.

When I rejoined Gavin and Miss Janna, they were working on colors and created a cute piece of art! It's now hanging in the kitchen. One of Gavin's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) goals is to identify or match colors. It's something Janna does with him every time she's here.
After therapy was over and the boys were in bed, I ran out to get bloodwork. In order to be ready for IVF (p.s. - still waiting to see if we were successful this month, but need to be "ready" just in case) I needed to have about 8-9 vials of blood drawn to check for all kinds of issues.
I really, really, really hope that we are successful this month. Unfortunately, I'm not hopeful about that at the moment. Ugh.

And now, it's close to the end of the day. Somedays I feel like the door to our house is revolving - with people constantly in and out. Some days I love it. Some days I don't like it. It often feels like I rarely have a moment to myself. But know this - every day I'm grateful for the help that comes through the door. And I don't take that gift for granted.

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