Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let's Lighten Things Up A Bit...

I don't know about you, but today was a bit of a downer. If you were like me, you watched at least a little bit of the coverage of the September 11th memorials - on TV or online. For me it was like a sucker punch to the gut. It's amazing how I could easily be brought right back to that day. I wrote my thoughts about this horrific day in 2001 in yesterday's post.

But in the midst of today's solemn remembrance - there was definitely some levity in my house. I hope that our happy news lifts your mood after such a sad, sad day.

First - for safety reasons, I should ask that you sit down. Or at the very least brace yourself. Okay, are you ready? Watch this.....

Gavin ate bites of a sandwich. It all started when I made a sentimental sandwich for Brian at lunch. The bread was an Apple Oat bread that I thought he'd love, but that's irrelevant. My Mom used to make me butter and jelly sandwiches. Well, Brian LOVES his Granny so when I asked him if he wanted one of Granny's "favorite sandwiches", I got a smirky smile and a nod. But then, on his tray, he wanted no parts of it. (No offense to Granny) It was then that I had the crazy idea to offer Gavin a bite!!

At first he thought I was crazy, too. "You want me to eat WHAT?"

But then he bit down and sucked it into his mouth. And began to move it around and actually chew. He ate, I would say, about a quarter of a quarter of the sandwich. But it is not lost on this Mommy that he ate it at all.
And Brian? Well - he never likes to be outdone.
So for his trick he showed that his fruit bowl could turn into a hat!! Incredible. I'm pretty sure this boy is Harvard bound. He gets that from me.
And me? Well...I spent much of my weekend re-doing my house. Okay, not really. I moved things some things...and bought some new art. If asked, I would say the style of my house is inspired by the "Beyond" collection. You know, from "Bed, Bath & Beyond." Nothing fancy - and always 20% off or more (do you know they let you stack coupons now??). I felt this desperate need for change...and I have to say that a couple new mirrors and some new wall art for my recently painted dining room helped my mood a little. I'm trying to keep my mind from thinking about pregnancy tests - which keep turning up negative for me each morning.

But I said this post would be light. So I'll end it on a positive. I'm pretty happy with how my "bed", my "bath" and my "beyond" are looking tonight. Not necessarily in that order...


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  1. Hi Kate

    I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but it got eaten ... you've got mail!
    Good night from Switzerland


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