Saturday, September 17, 2011

Feeding Time At The Zoo...

Awww, I was blushing when notes of concern started coming in when I didn't show up here yesterday. It had nothing to do with nothing. It was the end of the day and I had a case of exhaustion (which has to be a good sign...I hope). And I also thought, quite honestly, that my previous post was hard to follow. *smile*

So, because of my laziness...and because I left this blog until 10:00 at night...and because there is SO much to catch up on...I'm going to use my photos to tell the story. Me thinks you're going to like this story...

Yesterday morning was big. Gavin and Brian had Oatmeal for breakfast! Here's Brian gobbling his down. For some cockamanie reason I didn't take a photo of Gavin so you'll have to just trust me.

That afternoon, Gavin had Physical Therapy with Miss Wendy. They worked on crawling down the stairs (and she could tell that we've been practicing!) and also pushing his little shopping cart. I weighed it down with bags of rice and packages of baby wipes. He loved stepping behind it and we were all so proud.

Today was extra busy. Gavin started off his day eating bits of pancake!
When Brian saw Gavin eating his favorite breakfast...he kept holding his pancake out sweetly as if to share it with his big brother. It was definitely a (*sniff sniff*) moment for me.
Gavin had an exciting "first" today. Maybe more exciting for me. Today was the first Gavin's entire life...that he wore JEANS! I found a pair at the consignment sale that had elastic waist. They're probably from 1992 as I rarely see elastic waist jeans. And that's just what Gavin's skinny little waist needs. (Actually, I wonder if they make "Pajama Jeans" for kids? Hmmm....) He looked like such a big boy - so handsome.

At lunch, Gavin ate pieces of banana like a champ. He's really on a roll. After lunch we headed for haircuts. This will be Gavin's birthday "do!"
Brian entertained himself (and us) while he was waiting for his turn.
Then it was his turn. I love how good the boys are for their haircuts. It's so much fun!
When we got home, we spent some time playing. Brian is adept at using the iPad at this point, which is really fun to watch.
Soon it was feeding time at the zoo...
I watch from behind the splash, I mean the clear curtain. Oh, and I really do mean feeding time at the zoo as you can see...
Brian is such a character. He makes us laugh and smile every day.
This really fun day ended with a grand finale. For dinner, Gavin at pieces of macaroni and cheese and some kielbasa. Can you believe him?
He loved it...and you could tell he was SO proud of himself.
Great things are happening in this house!
And Gavin is leading the way.


  1. Hah! I hunt for elastic waist jeans for my daughter but for the opposite reason! She tends to have a bit of a "muffin top" if she wears REAL jeans. I FINALLY found her a pair at Old Navy, maybe check and see if they have boys pants that way too?

  2. Not sure about little boys jeans...but some jeans for little girls have bands inside the jeans that you pull and it cinches them up. my niece is skinny and has to wear those.

  3. Love love love!

  4. Target has $5 elastic waist jeans - and pants in khaki, black, navy, gray. I was also on a hunt for them this year...

    - Elayne


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