Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Change Before We Have To...

I would like to announce - strictly as a public service announcement - that today is Wednesday. You're welcome.

Miss Anna came back this morning - yippee! - and today was her first day in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber with Gavin. I held my breath - hoping she wouldn't call me from inside to get her out or tell me at the end that she'd never do it again. Luckily, neither happened. She was able to get over an hour of school work done while Gavin sat next to her with his oxygen mask on and watched his "Signing Times" DVD. He's such a good boy. I smiled later on in the day when, after an hour and a half of downtime while the boys were "napping" Anna said to me, "This is a very student-friendly job!" I aim to please.

Brian had therapy this morning with Miss Christi and she noticed very quickly that he is imitating a LOT more. He's been using words and signs spontaneously - and even getting creative with little phrases and expressions. Yesterday when Gavin started banging his teeth on the kitchen counter, I went over to get him and said, "Gavin! No no!". Brian said, "Gavin! No no!" and then looked at me. He made sure that I was looking at him so I could see him let out a big, exasperated sigh.

Christi also noticed that Brian's attention span had improved...and he did a great job following directions today, too. They worked at the art table using markers (which is a big treat for him as they're not something EVER left out on the table)...they played "farm" with all of his animals...and played with his trains, of course. He has such a great time with his therapy and loves the attention!

During Brian's therapy, Miss Anna got acquainted with Gavin's walker! She had him walking around the house for a while and he did a great job.

Today was also a first in the meal department. I had Anna feed Gavin twice today. It may sound silly, but there is definitely a learning curve for feeding Gavin. He's not easy! I tried to give her tips and tricks without making her feel like "Ummm...I have fed a kid before" - only because he's so different. He doesn't like a lot of extra comes the airplane games or when the food starts to get cool. So basically, he's a bit of a food snob. Anna did a great job and by the 3:00 snack, she and Gavin hit their stride.

Speaking of food...

There are going to be some major changes around here for the Mr. and me. We've decided that we just don't eat well. I've written before about how well the boys eat - I could spend an entire day whipping things up for them. But Ed and I are a different story. Boxed food...take my beloved (and I do mean beloved) desserts. I wonder if my poor diet - which sometimes includes completely forgetting to eat at all! - is contributing to my infertility. And I worry that either of us could be at risk for Diabetes if we don't make changes. So today is the day. I tossed a lot from our overstuffed pantry and now I feel like I'm standing in an empty field all by myself. I'm embarrassed to say - I'm clueless. Basically, we want to "Change before we HAVE to"...which is a great quote from Jack Welch.

So I turn to all of you, as I always do. Have you been in a position like this - wanting to make a big nutritional change in your house but didn't know where to start or what to buy or what to make or blah blah blah?? Is there an app for this? I'm only half - okay LESS than half - kidding. I need help and suggestions and support and I will sit at this computer letting my children fend for themselves and change their own diapers while I'm waiting for your responses...

But no pressure or anything.


  1. I know that you aren't looking to make a huge change like this...but...follow the blog She is the mom of 2 who went vegan. She blogs some pretty awesome recipes and also has a cookbook. I make a lot of her meals and make minor adjustments. I eat dairy so I use the real sour cream or butter or cheese. But over all...still very healthy and for the most part simple.

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  3. Hi Kate,

    In Australia there is a company called "lite n easy". It is a company that provides light, convenient and healthy meals sent to your door on a weekly basis.

    They provide breakfast, lunch and dinner all in little bags that say "Day 1" "Day 2" etc.

    They have a rotating menu so you always get something new and different. You are able to choose what you want for your meals etc.

    My partner and I have lost 4kgs in 2 weeks. It costs us $240 a week..

    I wonder if they have something similar in the US?


  4. Some of my fav recipe sites:

    Whole Living- Nice, nutritional, whole food recipes:

    Week in a Day- Rachel Ray’s answer to meal planning. Recipes are easy and lots of comfort food included, but done quickly.

    Aaand of COURSE there’s an app for that, haha:
    I haven’t tried it, and it only has 3 stars in the review, but worth looking into, I’m sure.

    Happy Cooking!!! Hopefully it will start to be something you look forward too. I once heard Paula Dean say she's never happier than when she's in her kitchen. I strive for that... until it's time for dishes.

  5. Oh! And I was just looking at the AU comment, and there is a company called "Fresh Diet" that will probably deliver to you, if you're interested in going that route.

  6. I first started by counting calories on my app "myfitnesspal". VERY easy to use. I wasn't so concerned with the food as much as the calories at first. As I began to see, the healthier food is less calories than the UNhealthy food, so I naturally began choosing the latter so I could eat more! By doing that enough times and being diligent, I now know what is a better choice. With that app you can look up food (homemade, store bought, take out or at restaurants) even before eating to see if its something you want to eat. It shows calories and nutritional values just like on the side of a box! May be at a slower pace than what you're looking for but I never seem to stick with something when I jump in with both feet. Going a bit slower gives me longevity. :)

  7. You crack me up Kate!

    After I had cancer four years ago we made an immediate change in eating. We tossed out the red meat and only went to organic/farm fed chicken, eggs and turkey. And we eat a lot of fish. I learned a lot by searching the net and a lot of reading. It took about a year to make a full change to our new eating habits. And we don't drink crap. No soda! Water, herbal teas (we even make herbal tea, put natural stevia in it to sweeten it and that is what we use as "juice"), and we drink coffee too still. We just don't add sugary stuff to it. Stevia is natural and is a wonderful sweetener and it only takes a tiny amount to sweeten a cup of coffee.

    Also, beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, black beans, etc. Very good sources of protein.

    Now, I only buy organic but you don't have to if you don't want to. I just do. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Little dairy. We use a lot of plain and vanilla whole yogurts and add berries, etc. Cut down on yellow cheeses. Use white cheese if you want a little. Lots and lots of greens. Only brown rice, the 'heavy' breads that are a whole carb grain, bulgar, etc. We eat a lot of steel cut oats, Quinoa, Quinoa and whole wheat pastas. And I do it all from scratch. I don't necessarily like to do it from scratch but I do. And of course, I get lazy and sometimes fudge out of laziness. I feel I am entitled every now and then. **wink** like you'd say! LOL

    Watch sugar and carb contents and we use little canned or boxed foods. And believe me you will feel sooooooooo much better physically. And if you can add a little exercise, too you'll will feel like a new person.

    Now, I know I am heavy and I gained all this weight from two meds I take. I still exercise and still feel good even though I carry extra weight. We do cardio and recently added some weight lifting, etc. This is also good because we have excessive stress in our home on a regular basis and it helps to alleviate it.

    Sorry for the novel! :-) This is just us. You can change a few things and it will still be healthy. You don't have to go off the deep end like we did. I think we overdid it because I was scared of being so sick and knew I wasn't taking good care of myself so I blamed myself for being sick and taxing my family so much because they had to endure with me and it wasn't fair to them.

    I didn't really use any books. I have always made my own recipes and put it together. I hope someone else can help you in that dept.

  8. Let me add too: count your calories. A normal woman should have about 1500 calories a day. If she is active then 1700 max. For a man it should be 1700 or so a day and if he's active then up to 2,000.

  9. Clean Eating Magazine... along with wonderful nutritional information and beautiful foodie pictures, it provides a two week menue, grocery shopping list for said menue and recipes... and the food is GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!

    The website offers all sorts of geat info, too... check it out!

  10. I forgot something else! LOL--I menu plan that way I know what to buy and don't have to come up with ideas as I am walking the aisles of the store. It helps so much and it keeps the budget down when you buy only what you need.

    I am sorry I keep writing, but stuff keeps coming to my mind. LOL I promise this is the last one.


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