Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby Shower!...

I didn't show up yesterday...but I had a good excuse! I was busy preparing my house for a baby shower today! My good friend Drew and his wife, Melissa, are expecting a little boy. I wrote about them in a previous post - they had a "gender reveal" party where they and all of their guests found out if they were having a boy or a girl. So today we were happy to celebrate the impending arrival of baby A.J. with a beach themed shower.

Melissa grew up in Ocean City, NJ so the baby's nursery is adorable with life preservers and oars and other beachy things. It's adorable.

The true hostesses of the shower? Melissa's mother, Maureen, and her sister-in-law, Karen!

Before Melissa arrived, the guests were given little cards so they could write advice or blessings or a note to the baby and then we hung them on a little clothesline with teeny tiny clothespins.

Drew blindfolded Melissa to get her to my house. She knew the shower was today (it's never a great idea to shock a very pregnant woman with a surprise shower!) - but she didn't know it was here. It's been in the works for months!

Everyone had fun scooping their lunches out of sand buckets with different shovels and Melissa's Mom had individual favors for everyone - Johnson's Popcorn which is a BIG deal if you're from 'these parts'.

Among the wonderful gifts she received were a cute Minnesota Redskins shirt from Drew's family...

*edited to add - apparently, it is the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins. Who knew? Not this theater lover. And anyway, he's not even from Washington. Seriously. So I am keeping my mistake here - because, well, I'm here to amuse and entertain you. You're welcome.*

...and a gorgeous black and white photo of the merry go round in Ocean City, NJ taken by her brother, Rick. This photo will actually be hung in the baby's nursery!
It was pretty funny to see my house look so different. I took out all the toys...brought in furniture...and Ed took the boys out for the day. I'm not sure I can remember when my house last seemed! Our playroom was transformed from this... this!

Congratulations, Melissa and Drew!

We can't wait to meet you, A.J.!


  1. hello I found your caringbridge page and then was directed here! I am a 25 year old young woman that was born with cerebral palsy I wanted to comment to say hello and thank you for your blog, I too blog about my life living with cerebral palsy and thought I would share it with you


  2. Cool idea for a shower!
    Congrats Melissa & Drew - can't wait to see pics of your little one!

  3. How fun!! But I can't let the Washington Redskins be disgraced by being mistaken for the Minnesota Redskins...its the Minnesota Vikings...I'm sure all the Redskins fans will appreciate the correction!


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