Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My "Ladies Men"...

It's hard to keep the ladies away from Gavin. He just has this charm, you see, that extends way beyond his rugged good looks. Even though Friday was what I thought was his last day of therapy until the end of August, Miss Janna just couldn't stay away. She came by yesterday to spend some time working with Gavin!

She started off by showing him the COOLEST toy ever. It's called Magna Tiles. She was using them to help him with color matching, but they were quickly confiscated by Brian who proceeded to build with them. This toy is so cool it's going to be Brian's birthday present in December. (Shhh....don't tell him!)

Gavin was happy to move on to another activity, thankfully, and did such a great job. Janna held his elbow and positioned his hand over these little bear toys. Gavin picked them up one after the other and then, with help, dropped them in the bowl! Towards the end he got a little help from Brian - which was rather hilarious. Check it out here.....

Brian, whose therapy continues all through the summer, had Speech with Miss Jen this morning. He was rather cranky for about half of it, unfortunately. I don't know if it was my presence or he was just in a bad mood. There was a lot of "Mommy hold me!" action. I think I'll try some sessions with me stepping out and see how he does.
When he was calm he was very good! Jen was impressed with his increased communication skills - including new signs and definite verbal attempts at things.
This past Sunday we were all grocery shopping at Wegman's. I was eating a soft pretzel while I was walking around and somehow broke a tooth!! This morning I went to the dentist first thing and it ended up being a waste of time. For one, they will need more time because the entire crown needs to be replaced. Ouch. But they also need X-Rays beforehand and I said no. I don't want to chance getting X-Rays if I might be pregnant...and I still don't know yet if I am or I'm not!! So it was all a big waste of time. I'll go back three weeks from now - when I'll know for sure if I'm pregnant - and we'll deal with it then. I really hate wasting my time.

I got home and went straight to work in the kitchen, where I've been most of the day. I want to be sure we are stocked FULL of Gavin's food before we leave for our trip to Atlantis! I baked a ton of Yams and I have a veggie stew on the stove still simmering. While I was hard at work Miss Katja was, too! She had Gavin in his walker out on the driveway and also on the iPad working with him on the new apps I got. I also got his new case - the Otterbox - today and it's pretty awesome. It has a built in stand which is great for when we have him at the table. And the case has rubber grippers on the bottom so the iPad won't slip when it's laying flat in front of him. I'm a big fan. I haven't found THEE perfect app for Gavin yet - but I'll soon share what apps I got for him. I can recommend a really cute book that I put on there for both boys. It's called "Pop Out! The Tale of Peter Rabbit". I'm always looking for more apps - especially for Gavin - so I'm open to any and all suggestions!!

Yesterday I signed up for a day long course this coming October on the use of iPads for special education. I heard about this from Brian's teacher - Miss Christi - who thought I might be interested. Boy, was I!! I may be the only parent there, but I don't care. I can't wait - and I hope I learn things I didn't know about how the iPad can help Gavin. Miss Christi and Miss Jen are going, too, so it's a party!! (I need a day out...can you tell?)

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