Friday, August 5, 2011

Mommy's Side Hustle...

Busy. The theme of today. I spent the majority of the day in the garage getting it set up for my Yard Sale tomorrow. It turned into cleaning and organizing the garage, which I didn't intend to do - but realized pretty quickly was necessary. I woke up with an arthritis flare so all day I reminded myself why I am CRAZY. But what can I say - I love me a Yard Sale. And I'm pretty hard core about them. First I list everything on Craig's List. Over the past two weeks I raked in $166.50! I also advertise my sale on Craig's List every day leading up to the sale day. If Craig's List doesn't let you duplicate an ad, delete your previous one and make a new one...or just re-word it so they don't look the same. Sneaky! I have signs and balloons everywhere and Ed went to the bank for me today to get a lot of change. I'm hoping to at least bring in $150 - and then the rest of the baby/toddler things will go in the consignment sale this September! Everything else is getting put in my car immediately and brought to Goodwill. This is what my garage looks like so far - tomorrow I will drag several things out onto the driveway. Wish me luck!

I took a break for a couple hours this afternoon for Gavin's IEP. The meeting was attended by Gavin's teacher, Janna...his Speech/Feeding therapist, Maggie...and his Physical Therapist, Wendy.
Missing was his Occupational Therapist, Stephanie, and his Hearing Teacher, Carol. But they sent in their evaluations and recommendations for goals. It was interesting to read through everyone's take on Gavin's year. Although it may not seem to outsiders that he accomplished much at all (goal wise) - I think he accomplished more than expected given the months he lost to his eye surgery and subsequent complications. We are keeping everything the same for now - same amount of therapy and keeping Gavin home. I just am not fond of the one (AND ONLY!) school that is recommended for Gavin. I just have to believe that there is another choice. But I don't feel he's ready - and neither am I - so we'll shelve that for just now. I can change my mind at any time - which is nice. I could decide in two months that I want Gavin to go to school for one hour a week if I wanted. I appreciate that I have that option...but I just wish I could have more choices of schools.
We'll cross that bridge when we come to it...

I will be taking the day off tomorrow - sure to be exhausted from my Yard Sale. If you follow me on Facebook, I'll be posting my progress. Place your total dollar amount bets now!


  1. Hello,

    I found your site through love that max...and have been reading for a while, I just haven't gotten up the nerve to comment yet. Sorry to be a lurker. I have CP myself, and I just have found it interesting to see how other parents are dealing with their children's medical issues, and also I like to read up on the advances and differences in therapies since I was a kid. I just want to say that I admire your spirit and personality that shine through in this blog.
    Good luck on the yard sale. My dollar bet is 200!

  2. Have you checked out the ken crest centers? my mom is a special education teacher there and they do have classrooms for children who have special needs up till the age of 6.


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