Monday, August 8, 2011

The Little Goat Who Cried Wolf...

The entire weekend was filled with teasing from Ed. Constant jokes and sarcasm. By last night, I was a little bit "over it." As cute as he was, the jokes were getting old. So when he told me he wanted to take us out for ice cream, I said sure. When he told me we were going to a goat farm, I said "Yeah, okay...sure." I walked out leaving my camera on the kitchen island and got in the car expecting to pull up at Rita's or the ice cream stand down the road.

When we pulled up to a goat farm I exclaimed, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME WE WERE GOING TO A GOAT FARM???!!!???"
...and he just looked at me.
Seriously, it is a good thing he's cute.

The good news is - we had an amazing time. The bad news is - all of the photos were taken with my phone. Consider your eyes warned.

This was the most adorable place. It was a farm with cows and horses and chickens and, obviously, goats. There was an ice cream stand, a playground, a nursery where you could buy beautiful plants and flowers, and then a little area where you can feed and pet the goats, chickens and a big bunny. We started with the ice cream which Brian always loves
...and Gavin always loves - loves to take a pass. He's not a fan of the cold.

We rolled up to the animals and the boys were instantly smitten with a very friendly goat.
Brian was all giggles as it pushed its head through the fence to get closer to him...
And Gavin was fearless - scaring his Mommy a bit as he reached out to touch this friendly goat.
I soon realized they had a pretty deep connection so I didn't step in...
We went inside the feeding area next where Ed and Brian held out pellets for the goats to eat out of their hands. (Gavin and I were happy to just watch THAT action - yuck)
And we checked out the chickens and bunnies...
As we drove away, the sun was setting. It was a gorgeous sunset - so pretty that Ed pulled into an empty parking lot so we could get a better look. Sitting in a empty business a mini-van...with two kids in the back...well, it's not the most romantic setting to watch a sunset I suppose.
But I thought it was perfect...and I don't think I'll ever see a sunset the same way again.

I love my little family.


  1. What nice pics! You really caught the connection between Gavin and the goat - wonder what they were "saying" to each other!

    Hurray, for Ed - what an excellent choice for a family outing.


  2. is this linvilla?

  3. Hi! No, it's not Linvilla - but we have been there! This is a place called Petrucci's. :-)


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