Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's A Small World After All...

Today we bid a fond farewell to our beloved (okay, not really) microwave that was made in 1988. It was a depressing day. Oh...not depressing because we're losing the microwave...but because Ed said "WOW, this microwave was 23 years old!" I graduated high school in 1988. I guess that only means one thing...

Dang, that microwave is old.

So today I was the Pioneer Woman. I heated up Gavin's meals in a little pot on the stove.
Arguably, it's probably better for him this way - better for all of us. But Gavin likes his food hot at all times. The second it turns tepid, he stops eating. With the amount of times his food needs to be heated up - it's inconvenient to use the stove. Plus, standing over that hot stove is not good for my curly hair. And let's face it - it's all about my hair. (Which, by the way, looked pretty bad in 1988)

Ed bought a temporary microwave to put on our counter until we get a replacement wall unit. But that wasn't our only purchase of the day...

I broke down and bought Gavin a crib tent. Every day - multiple times - I have to go running up the stairs because he's gotten his leg (usually his knee) stuck between the slats. He screams either out of fear or pain or both. It's become such an issue and I can't wait anymore for insurance to get us that bed we want. A funny thing happened on our way to this crib tent today...

I went on Craig's List hoping to see one and was drawn directly to an ad in a town nearby. They were selling a "brand new in the box" tent for $30.00 which is a steal. I wrote and asked if it was still available - it was. And in our back and forth emails arranging a pick up time I told her a little bit about why I was getting it. That's when I got an email saying - "Wait! I just recognized your name! Did Sarah Racine used to nanny for you!? If so... I have prayed for your son often!"

Ed and I drove the 35 minutes to get to her home and we chatted in her driveway about how much we both love our Miss Sarah. I thanked her for praying for Gavin. That buying this crib tent from her makes me feel like her prayers will be covering him in his crib at night! It is such a small world.

Sarah will be coming home at the end of August from her long mission trip.
I stole this photo from her Facebook page...doesn't she look beautiful? We can't wait to hear all about her adventures before she takes of again for another mission trip!! She has clearly found her calling in life. We were so lucky to have the time we did with her every day for over a year. She definitely left her mark in our family...and now she's making her mark all over the world.

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