Thursday, August 4, 2011

Having Our Cake And Eating It Too...

This morning found me at the fertility clinic again. It will be my last visit for a week...which means that this is the point where everyone crosses their fingers, says their prayers and does their fertility dances - all in hopes that we have conceived. I have a really, really good feeling this time. If I have conceived this month, I would be due in April - the month that I turn 42. And coming up on September 21st is the day that would have been Darcy's first birthday. While it seems that none of this is connected - it just feels like it could be "the right time" for me. Or, I think too much. That is also a possibility. *wink*

The other day I was feeling a bit down. I received a certificate in the mail for a free "first birthday cake" for my child - obviously Darcy.
I posted it on Facebook, saying it was a "kick in the gut" and had the nicest response from a friend. She proposed that, as part of the healing, I get the cake...enjoy it with my family...and maybe even release balloons. I instantly loved the idea. Besides, I'll use any excuse to eat cake.

Being out this morning means I missed Brian's therapy again! His teacher, Miss Christi, came for her session with him while I was gone. Katja was nice enough to play photographer for me so I could see what they did. Christi left me a note to say that Brian did a great job pretending, making animal sounds, and playing games with her on the slide. (We have a slide in our playroom!)
Katja also told me that there was a little discipline incident. Brian threw a toy. When Miss Christi told him that we don't throw things - and asked him to pick it up - he flipped. Katja said he went into the other room and sat down sobbing. They let him have his moment and when he was ready to come back she asked him to pick it up again and helped him do it. I think I need Christi to move in - like Supernanny. Although we don't run into these issues very often at all, I do know that I am a total sucker. I told Katja that I think we need to have an all or nothing rule. We sometimes play ball in the house and throw the ball back and forth. I'm not sure Brian comprehends that A and B are okay to throw - but C through Z will get him in trouble. Disciplining and being consistent - wow, it's no joke!

When I arrived home it was nearly time for Gavin's feeding therapy with Miss Maggie. He was NOT in the mood - at ALL. He fussed and pushed her hand away and turned his head for most of the session.
Then, towards the end, he started showing off his crunching skills.
Tomorrow is Gavin's last day of therapy until the last week of August. His therapists go on a second summer break. Tomorrow is also Gavin's IEP! We will have a full house with his teacher, his speech therapist and his physical therapist. We'll cross of the goals he's accomplished this past year and then write new goals for the coming year. In a few months we will also be ending Brian's early intervention - he turns three in December. At that time he will transition to the same type of therapy that Gavin has - whether that is at home or in a school is yet to be determined. Who knows what will happen this year! For all I know I could be home alone during the day with a new baby while the boys are off at school together - maybe even the same school!
I feel lucky to have so many options...and so many people in our corner to support us on our parenting journey!

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