Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Filled With Pride...

Today was an amazing day - for so many reasons! It will be worth it to read to the very end today as I'm saving the best news for last.

Miss Katja is celebrating her 23rd birthday tomorrow!!
All this week, Katja has had her best friend from Germany with her. Stephanie is spending her vacation visiting for Katja's birthday - which is tomorrow!! We really enjoyed having her hang out with us during the day.
We celebrated her big day this morning with cards and gifts and a homemade sign that the boys and I made! After lunch she left for the rest of the week to spend time with her friend and take a well deserved break! We love Miss Katja and wish her the happiest of birthdays!!

This morning Brian had his therapy session with Miss Christi, his teacher. They had a fun time playing with his toys, as usual, and he did a great job imitating and showing off some new pretending skills.
But it was when they moved over to the art table that I was blown away. Christi did something with him that never occurred to me. She asked him to draw an up and down line...a line across...a circle...and then a cross. Brian easily did everything but the cross - which amazed me! Check it out here:

Christi said that practicing this would be smart before he starts school. Starting off drawing lines and circles and crosses is a pre-cursor to writing letters! Am I the only goofball that didn't think of this? I love the things I learn from these wonderful therapists.

Not to be outdone, Gavin had an incredible day himself. He spent some time outside while Brian was in therapy. Katja and Stephanie took him for a walk and then he walked in his KidWalk up and down the driveway.

After his afternoon nap, Miss Stephanie arrived for Occupational Therapy. She always starts off Gavin's session with some sensory work. She massages him with lotion, a brush and a vibrating massager. She also uses the vibrating toothbrush and the Nuk brush in his mouth. At one point, while Gavin was laying on his back in front of her, he confidently reached up and grabbed his toothbrush from her hands...and then proceeded to get it into his mouth all by himself!! Neither of us could believe it. Check out this amazing video...

He did it again with his vibrating spoon.

When they moved over to the art table, I told Stephanie how well he's been doing with the Spin and Draw. She put the marker in his left hand - he spun with his right hand - and Miss Stephanie smiled from ear to ear. She was so impressed!

Then she had him pick up blocks and drop them into the bucket of beans. Again, she was amazed. She can't get over the sudden increase in Gavin's fine motor skills! He was picking things up one after the other - faster than we could keep up!!

Something has happened to our Superhero. Something amazing. I can see the confidence in his eyes...and the pride. He is beginning to realize, I think, that he can do much more than he thought. I'm so lucky to be able to watch him grow and discover. I'm filled with pride, too.

Tomorrow will be a very special - and very important - entry. I hope you'll come back to visit.

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