Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Everyone's Better For It...

It's been such a busy day here!! This morning Gavin's Occupational Therapist, Stephanie, was nice enough to move her time earlier just for me. I had an appointment with the fertility doc that I couldn't miss - but I knew it would mean I'd miss Gavin's OT and Brian's speech! Stephanie moving her time earlier meant I could at least be there for Gavin's session. I was so glad I was there because Gavin really brought it today!
Miss Stephanie had Gavin try to feed himself. She used the "universal cuff" on his hand and attached his Nuk brush. She helped him dip the Nuk into his yogurt and then guided it to his mouth. A couple times he actually brought it into his mouth by himself, which is huge!!!
I left immediately after for the doctor's office. My visit was actually encouraging! It looks like, by Thursday, I will have six mature follicles. This is good! Don't worry - it's unlikely I will get pregnant with six babies. I've had more follicles than six before and didn't get pregnant. I have a good feeling about this cycle, though. I'm keeping everything crossed. Well...almost everything. *wink*

When I got home, Brian's speech therapy had just ended. Katja told me that he was pretty shy and Miss Jen had to pull things out of him. I was so surprised! I was hoping he'd show off his new skills this week - like signing/saying "open" and saying the phrase "What is this?" when he wants you to tell him what something is. He had fun, though, and Jen said she was pleased with how he tried to imitate words and phrases. Miss Katja took some great pictures for me while I was gone.

Right after lunch it was time for Gavin's speech therapy! He did a great job with the iPad - pushing it consistently several times when he wanted a new book. I was so proud of him. How proud? I was so busy getting excited for him that I failed to take a single photo - and the videos I took aren't share-worthy. You'll just have to take my word for it that it was pretty awesome.

Soon Gavin's therapists will be on their second summer break. He will be without therapy for much of August. The week before they come back, Ed and I will be on vacation! Ed planned a great trip for the two of us at the end of August to Atlantis in the Bahamas. He even planned for us to swim with dolphins! We need this trip. If it seems like we get away more than the average couple - you're right. And it's on purpose. It's very important to us to have "couple time" away from the kids. Everyone's better for it. But trust me when I say...it is very hard for me to leave - always. And I'm always excited to come home.

I love my children...I love my little family...and I love my life.

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  1. Hi there! I just found your blog through http://my2lovesmylife.blogspot.com/ and wow. You have walked through so many dark tunnels and yet still radiate sunshine. My hat's off to you! Congratulations on your beautiful boys and your positive outlook!



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