Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do You Hear What I Hear?...

It was all about Brian today! Today was the day we took him to get his hearing evaluated. One of his favorite people in the world, his Granny, came along with me to DuPont Children's Hospital. I really wasn't concerned that he had any hearing issues - but we wanted to be sure we checked since he isn't talking. I think I would have fallen on the floor if they told me there was a problem.

Walking into the hospital with just Brian was very new...and very strange.
He loved the individual attention from me and from Granny. While we were waiting some volunteers even stopped to see him and offered him a page to color and some crayons...which made his day!
Soon we were called back. I'm very familiar with the drill, having been through so many of these tests when Gavin was a baby and a toddler. If you didn't know, Gavin was born hearing impaired. The kind of hearing loss that is permanent - should have only gotten worse or stayed the same. He had little hearing aids and everything. But then there was a miracle. You can read all about that on Gavin's page...because this post and this day is all about Brian. *smile*

Brian sat on my lap and the, I mean Granny...sat quietly in the corner. The Audiologist left the room and played different sounds with different tones out of speakers on either side of Brian. When he looked towards the sound she would turn on a cartoon on the TV on that side as a reward.
There was a lot going on all over the room - he kept looking for things to come on and you could tell he was eagerly anticipating sounds and lights. It's difficult to test toddlers, it really is. But she said he did a great job - and that we could retest him down the road with headphones just to be 100% positive that her results were correct.

Next, she repeated the newborn hearing screening that most babies get before they leave the hospital.

He passed that with flying colors. Even though I walked in expecting perfect results - I still let out a Hooray when they confirmed it. I wasn't interested in adding anything to my list of daily worries.

Granny and Brian were equally thrilled, as you can see.
Next stop was lunch in the hospital cafeteria! Brian was such a good boy sitting in his own seat next to his Granny.
I thought a very rare (only second time ever, actually) treat of some french fries seemed in order.
We ended the afternoon with a fun shopping trip to the hospital gift shop (Brian got a cool VW car!) and then to the Christmas Tree Shop (Brian got a Toy Story toy from Granny). It was so nice to spend time with my Mom and Brian. A real treat for me. But I was happy to get home and see Gavin, who spent the day with Miss Katja.
Every time I walk into that hospital I am grateful - grateful that my children are healthy. Grateful that the people in that hospital are so good to us...making us feel like family. And as my mom said today, grateful that when I leave there, I'm leaving with everyone I came in with.

Today, I feel blessed.

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  1. Such a sweet story :)
    You made me smile today.


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