Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Woman's Prerogative...

Hey, remember yesterday when I showed photos of the bedding I liked for Brian's big boy bed?

Yeah, about that...

Brian would like to show you his new bedding set and explain how he feels about it. Watch this...

The comforter is a down alternative - very thin - and it feels like silk.

I was able to get the comforter, sheets, pillow cases and shams and bedskirt which I just tucked under the boxspring...
for...are you sitting down?
All of it! I found it at Marshall's! Then I found the fun dotted pillow at Home Goods, where I also got a plant that reminded me of the islands that point I just couldn't stop myself.

The cute jungle stool is actually Gavin's! It was a Baptism gift from his Godfather. It looks so good in Brian's room, though, that I may just have to find Gavin another one to match his room.

This morning we had our house cleaned professionally so the boys and I spent much of our morning outside. We went for a walk...played on the swingset and then we took a slow drive around town to hunt for flags. Brian was in Heaven when I took him to the Freedoms Foundation. They have a flag flying that is probably as big as a house. All I heard from the backseat was WOW over and over and over.

Later on I spent two hours shopping by myself which was MY Heaven. Ed stayed home and played with the boys. They miss their Daddy during the weekdays. I love how their faces light up when he walks into the room. Gavin, especially...he is Daddy's boy!!


  1. LOVE IT!!! xo, Julia D.

  2. Great find! The plant is a great touch!
    Your blog follower from Lansdale


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