Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life...and Love...Goes On...

This morning we had a reunion! Miss Christi, Gavin's former Early Intervention teacher, came back as Brian's teacher! We were so happy to see her. I could tell that Brian remembered her right away, even though he played shy in the beginning. And Gavin - he was probably confused why "his Miss Christi" wasn't paying attention to him!

Christi followed Brian as he played and he was quite a show off - jumping around and even throwing in some comedic pratfalls. He did a great job imitating animal sounds and following directions...and even did some pretending! Christi left me with the following recommendations which I thought were very clever. One was to put Brian's snack cup or milk out of reach - like on the mantle, so he can see it but he'd have to ask for it. Or, to put only a little bit of milk or snacks in there so it empties quicker. This gives him more opportunities to communicate with us that he wants more. She also suggested that we create opportunities to use words in succession - like when I am blowing bubbles and have him "pop-pop-pop". Or when we pretend we're an animal eating and we say "chomp-chomp-chomp". I've noticed that when I say the same word over and over, Brian wants to try to imitate that. He really did a great job today and just ate up all the individual attention.

After lunch, Gavin and I went shopping together at the mall for an hour while Brian took a nap - and then I brought Gavin home and took Brian to the grocery store to pick up something for our dinner! I feel so grateful that I can have someone here with me each day, allowing me to do things with the boys one and one like that. We really enjoyed our time together.

As I type this, Gavin and Brian are playing...and there is a woman in my dining room shopping for clothes for her first daughter - due in December. I'm letting her shop in peace as she creates a pretty large pile of things she wants - but also keeping a bit of distance so I don't get teary eyed. She is really very sweet. I feel happy that Darcy's clothes are going to a lucky little girl this Christmas.
I may have to ask for frequent pictures.

Life...and love...goes on.

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  1. Wow! Those are great ideas for prompting speech...I will use those with my son!! Thanks!


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