Monday, July 11, 2011

The Kindness of Strangers...

So, remember almost a month ago when I wrote about a cool chair that Gavin's teacher brought to therapy? It was called a "Bilibo" chair and the idea was to have him try to sit up in it while it rocked all around. Well, immediately after I wrote that post I got an email from a woman I have never met that said she had a Bilibo and wanted to send it to Gavin!! It arrived yesterday and it's a big hit!

Haley and her husband, Matt, live in Southern Maryland. Haley found my CaringBridge somehow and then followed me to this blog!
How cute are they?!?

They have two gorgeous children, Brady and Melody, who were willing to part with their Bilibo...which was so nice. Are they adorable children, or what? And I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to coordinate my kids' outfits.
I was so touched that they were willing to give us their chair. The kids don't use it anymore, Haley said, so she was happy that Gavin would be able to use it in therapy. I'll tell you...I meet the nicest people through this journal. Thank you, Brady and Melody, from Gavin! And Brian, too, who prefers to roll his cars inside and wear it as a hat.

Today was back to business as usual - the break from therapy is over! Miss Janna was back with a fierce tan and so happy to see Gavin. Unfortunately, the session started off rocky - Gavin was in quite an uncooperative mood.
We were able to cheer him up with a bubble break...
The laughter didn't last long...he was still pretty grumpy.

But then, towards the end of the session...something amazing happened. Gavin reached down and picked up a ring.
I didn't count how long he held it and lifted it up and down and up and down - we were all too busy cheering and smiling and tearing up. Okay, maybe I was the only one tearing up and I was able to hide it behind the camera. It was such a cool moment.
Sometimes things are worth waiting for. I guess you just can't rush a superhero. How could I have forgotten that?

Brian had a great day! He and Miss Katja spent a lot of time outside while I was with Gavin in the Hyperbaric Chamber this morning. He walked around the neighborhood holding her hand (that's a whole mile!) and then they splashed at the water table on the deck. Brian has been FULL of energy and high pitched screeching lately. He's really developing his personality, his "voice" and even some more language skills. His favorite expression these days is "Uh Oh..."

On Thursday morning he will be evaluated for speech therapy by a professional and I have to say...he's a very different boy than the one I called about a month ago. If you can't rush a superhero...then I guess you can't rush his sidekick, either!

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