Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Keep Chugging...

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family!!
Our brand new yet to be named train table.
I bought it off of Craig's List and Ed picked it up for me last night. It needed about two hours worth of attention - removing stickers and corner protectors that had been screwed on and nearly using up an entire touch up paint pen. It cleaned up nice, though and it actually matches our furniture perfectly. I couldn't wait to show the boys this morning. Gavin wasn't interested - but Brian was very excited as you can see!!
We've had a simple set of trains since the boys were both in infant carseats. Ed and I had no idea what we were doing and chose straight and curved tracks and some cool looking trains and the neat looking garage - oh, and the bridge. I really do need a train tutor to come over. I know we can step it up and fill up that whole table. Brian checked out every inch of it from the top... the big storage drawers underneath.

After spending some time with his trains, Brian and Miss Katja went out on the deck for some fun in the pool. It's extremely hot today in Pennsylvania.
Gavin stayed inside with me while I threw some dinner in the crock pot. We would be leaving soon for a trip to the hospital to see his eye surgeon and get our DNA taken from us in the lab.

Gavin's visit with Dr. Lehman went very well. She was so happy with how his eye every way. The scars over both lids are fading, the scar on his eye is barely noticeable and his lid position has not changed - which is good.

We don't have to go back to see her until the first week in October! It's amazing that we're at the point where that whole ordeal with his eye - and almost losing it - is just a memory. If you're new to this blog, you'll have to go back to my CaringBridge journal entries starting from this past January to get caught up on that drama. It was definitely dramatic, that's for sure.

After we left Opthalmology, Gavin and I headed down to the lab for our blood tests. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Gavin's latest round of genetic testing showed a small deletion on his third chromosome. It is thought that this is a "familial" thing, meaning that Ed or I could have "given" it to Gavin. That is why my blood was drawn today. They also took blood from Gavin to send to Boston University so they can pursue FG Syndrome, something I found on the internet that seems to perfectly describe my child. I'm very excited about either of these possibilities.

His blood draw didn't go as smoothly as the last one. But not for the reason you'd expect. Last time, Gavin barely flinched - even watched the woman as she inserted the needle! This time, the lab technician suddenly got a tickle in her throat. You know that dry, loud kind of cough? Well, she had a case of it right when she started with Gavin. Each time she turned her head - still holding his arm - and coughed real loud, Gavin would jump. With each cough he got more and more upset. By the time she was ready to stick him, he was totally freaked out. It had nothing to do with the needle...but everything to do with the noise. Gavin doesn't like too much noise - especially when it's sudden. And even more so when it comes out of his little brother's mouth in a screech or a squeal or a scream. Not sure what to do about that one...

But, he survived. And so did I. I'm always proud of my little superhero. Although check him out standing up in his highchair - he's not so little anymore!!
For a child who has been through so much, he has the sweetest disposition. Life throws a lot his way...but he just keeps chugging along.

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