Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Want My Mommy!...

Well, from what I hear Gavin and Brian had a great day! They played on the deck with the water table...went for a walk...ate really well...took naps and played some more. I wasn't here to take one picture...have any of the fun...or get a single hug or kiss. Why, you ask? Pull up a chair...have I got a story for you.

Two nights ago we bought a new Honda Odyssey minivan. As part of our negotiating, the owner of the dealership promised us new all-season cargo mats for the whole car and roof racks and rails. Yesterday I also noticed that there was a small scratch on the finish on the rear bumper. They told me to come in this morning and I'd be in and out in two hours. They were going to take care of all of it.

I left the house at 9:15 with my computer, anxious to have some time alone to work on Brian's video (yeah, yeah...I know - it's STILL not done). Upon checking in, I told them all the things I was there for and also asked if our old car was still on the lot. I left some things in there that I was hoping they put aside for us. Dumb things like my seat belt cover so the belt doesn't dig into my neck...and important things like Gavin's handicapped placard and the boys' birth announcements which I keep so I see them every day. I also mentioned that when we bought the car, the gas tank had 1/4 left of gas. Wasn't it supposed to come filled?

I sat down in their waiting room at 9:40 while they worked on the car. One hour in they told me that all the stuff I left in my car (which was still on the lot but had been detailed) was gone. Forever. Two hours in, their internet went down. Three hours in, after eating three bags of Lorna Doone's from their free snack basket I raided the vending machine with my hands shaking from hunger. Four hours in I noticed that my phone battery was getting low from checking FaceBook and my email. Finally, they called me to say that my car was done.

I asked them if they filled it up. They told me I needed to speak to the sales manager of the dealership, so we walked over to talk to him. He said he'd walk me out to my car. There he told me to "remind him" next time about the gas and he'd give me a certificate to get filled up "on them". We then stood together waiting for my car to be brought around. We waited...and waited...and we waited some more. They couldn't FIND my freaking car. We were now on hour FIVE! After five hours, I would have thought they had memorized every inch of it - but they couldn't find it. Finally...they did and pulled it around laughing. "Ha ha - we found it!" I didn't think it was funny, but I've been told I have no sense of humor.

First I noticed that they hadn't fixed the scratch on the back bumper. "Oh, the guy that can fix that is only in on certain days - today he's not here." Ummm...what? That's one of the reasons I was here today. Then...I noticed something else. Something worse. Bright white - artistic looking pattern...almost abstract. "What is this all over the side of my car?" I asked. The sales manager tried to wipe it off with his finger - it didn't come off. He yelled at the poor guy that drove the car around to get it back into the shop to clean whatever it was off...and then told me to go back to the waiting room.

About ten minutes later, the manager from the body shop came to talk to me. Not a good sign. Somehow, he explained, some kind of corrosive agent must have gotten airborne and spilled onto my car. Then I heard lots of blah blah blah we're so sorry blah blah blah. He told me he ordered new parts for each area of the car that had been damaged - and I'd need to bring it in next Wednesday. This is where I started seeing red and had to seriously breathe so I didn't freak out on this poor guy. I slowly explained to him that I want a loaner car next Wednesday...that I will be in at 9:30...and what are we doing about this gas situation?? He said if I could wait ten minutes, he'd have one of the guys ride up the road to fill me up. Fine.

Finally my car was ready for me to actually drive home after five hours of torture. I opened the back hatch to check out my new all season mats only to see that half of what they promised were installed. I mentioned it to a salesperson who said he'd tell the manager...but that manager will be hearing from me anyway. Oh, boy, will he be hearing from me. Anyone who keeps me away from these adorable boys for an entire day - for no reason - owes me BIG TIME.

Driving home, I make a call to the fertility clinic. I wanted to double check that today was the day I needed my "booster shot" of HCG. The nurse said she'd check my chart and when she came back on the phone she sounded panicked. "Kate, you need an ultrasound so we know if you should take the shot or not! How come you weren't scheduled??" Well...last time I was in no one told me. I thought I was to take the booster the same time I did last month. She said they needed to scan me immediately - like now!!! So, halfway home from the dealer I had to re-route to the doctor. So annoyed.

Finally, I pulled into my driveway - so happy. Brian greeted me with a big hug and Gavin even let me hold him against my chest for a long while. I said goodbye to Miss Katja (thank God she was here all day!) and went out to the garage refrigerator to pull out my planned dinner. I had a homemade chicken dish that just needed to be thrown into the crock pot. I defrosted it yesterday for tonight's dinner. I opened the fridge and the stench nearly knocked me over. There must have been a rip in the bag that was unnoticeable frozen...when it defrosted it spilled chicken juice ALL OVER the refrigerator. Looks like pizza tonight.

Seriously, God?

I'm telling you - I better be pregnant this month after all of this crap. Although, with the anger I'm feeling and my blood pressure high at the moment...this baby is probably too scared to move in to my body!!!!

So, no pictures of the cute stories...only bitching and moaning from an irritated me. So I'll end this with a random photo - one that makes me so happy. Me and my Mom.
Why? Because...


  1. I LOVE that ending Kate!! What a great picture too! =)

    Sooooooooo sorry about the car, isn't that a given though going in a dealership, that you will waste a good day of your life in there?? So frustrating though! HUG!!


  2. I am sorry you have had such a rough day.

    Let me tell you something. That 'deal' that the dealership was offering and 'needing' used vehicles was a ploy to get you there to buy a new car. They didn't 'need' used cars. We have the same 'deal' going on with our Honda dealer here, too. Roy has worked in the automotive business for 25 years and salesmen and dealerships are almost always crooks. He has even quit jobs before due to terrible dishonesty in the sales dept. and in the shop before (he is a master mechanic for General Motors and Chrysler). He doesn't believe in lying to get sales.

    I encourage you to go 'after' those jerks and you make them come up with what they took out of your van. They have it and they are lying to you over several things you posted today. You may want Ed to help you fight it. I trust no dealerships. I know this is just us, but we buy our cars from private owners and they are usually used. My husband is very good at smelling lies. That saves the crap the dealership would pull on us.


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