Monday, July 18, 2011

How To Train Your Child (or Your Puppy!)...

Last night as I was putting Brian to bed, I noticed a book that he had in his crib had been ripped. He peeled most of the cover off. Messing with books is a mortal sin in Kate's world. A big deal. I sat Brian on his big boy bed for his first big boy discipline moment. I showed him the book and his head dropped down. As I sternly told him that ripping books was a HUGE no-no, it was hard to keep a straight face. First he started with the smirk...then the head tilt...then the scoot over close to me...followed by the spontaneous hug...and he sealed it all with a kiss. He's quite a charmer, this one. I'm putting this out there now: I will fail miserably in this discipline department. For BOTH of them!! They've already "got me".

I realized after I left his room...and PLEASE don't take this the wrong way...that children are a little bit like puppies! If you scold a puppy for something he did while you weren't around, he won't understand. But if you catch him in the act, he'll make the connection. I'm not entirely sure that Brian understands that ripping a book is wrong. But I do know that there will be no more books in his crib. Let's just hope he "gets it" before he starts sleeping in his bed! Then, there's nothing stopping him from an entire book display in his room!! I'm bracing myself now...

Gavin's teacher, Miss Janna, came for her Monday afternoon appointment today. They worked on using his hands - for picking things up and using scissors to cut paper. His favorite activity was the "Spin and Draw". He loves to spin the spinning lazy susan is motivating for him to sometimes hold a marker in his hand and watch as it creates a big circle.

The best part of the day was later this afternoon. After some public pressure on FaceBook, I convinced my niece to come visit us!! Nothing like public pressure from an Aunt. Actually, it didn't take too much convincing since I AM her favorite. *wink*

Julia and I had a late lunch while Brian napped the day away and Gavin played. She's 17 and, as she likes to say, "an old soul". I feel like Gavin is, too, so they're a good match!
When Brian finally woke up he was a little out of sorts...but quickly warmed up. They built some block towers together and he showed off his trains.
I love talking to her so it didn't surprise me when she got up to leave and it was almost the boys bedtime!!

Brian's extra long, extra wide bedrails arrived today! I think I'll start trying naps in the bed as early as tomorrow. I think. I reserve the right to change my mind...or just plain chicken out. Stay tuned...

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  1. couldn't help but notice how GOOD Gavin's eyes look in that picture!


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