Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

Home Sweet Home.

Who are we kidding - I think ALL of us would rather be back at the beach!! We were very sad to leave. Yesterday morning the boys slept in - Brian woke up close to 10 and Gavin slept in until after 11am! Unbelievable. That pushed back our day's activities, but we didn't care. We packed up our things and went to the boardwalk for some lunch and last minute necessities (like Johnson's carmel corn). We passed on the beach - it takes more time to get them ready for the sand and then DE-sanded once we're home. Especially Brian - you need a Q-Tip and a power washer to get him cleaned off! You think I'm kidding?

We had a nice lunch overlooking the beach and the ocean and then strolled the boardwalk for a little bit. We had intended to leave between 2 and 3, but didn't end up leaving until 5:30...a little nervous that we'd be sitting in traffic for hours. Boy, were we wrong! We flew home in no time!

Brian slept practically the whole way home. And I spent much of the drive pushing his head back. It breaks my heart when his head slumps down in the car. It looks so uncomfortable!
If anyone has found a solution to this problem with your own children, I'd love for you to post your ideas here. I apologize to those on FaceBook who already saw this. I had two friends on there suggest a rolled up hand towel...and another tell me about a neck pillow turned around backwards. I'd love some more ideas! And if you're not friends with me on FaceBook, feel free to send a request! You can get to my page by clicking the FaceBook button to the right.

We came home to some unfortunate news. The freezer door in our garage had been left open the entire time we were gone. Thankfully this freezer doesn't house all of Gavin's pureed food - that would have been terrible. But we lost a lot of other food, including a couple dinners I had prepared to make this week. But - perspective is everything. If this is the worst thing to happen to us this week, we're lucky.

The boys slept in again today - both of them woke up close to 10am. And that was with an 8pm bedtime! I was out of the house much of the morning. I had an appointment with the fertility doctor this morning where I learned I have one more night of injections before my "trigger shot" that will induce ovulation. This is when all of you commence praying and hoping if you don't mind. *wink* After my appointment, I was able to meet up with Ed on his lunch hour. His new job is going very well and it provides a more predictable schedule...for now, anyway! Then I was off to the grocery store to replace some of what was lost and come up with something for dinner tonight.

I spent the rest of the day equally trying to keep my eyes open and making baby food. Lots of brown rice and Quinoa so far. I'll also be adding chicken and veggie stew over the next few days. Our supply has run low as Mommy has been in lazy vacation mode. Don't judge - it's not a bad place to be!!

Brian changed a lot while we were gone. He's definitely trying to "talk" more. He added a cute little "uh oh" to his repertoire along with WOW! I took this video right before we left for the shore...catching him "reading" his book.
Since then, he has become even more vocal...fueling my suspicion that he's on his way to talking before a therapist even arrives to meet him!

I hope my family enjoys the rest of their week at the beach - even though I'm sure it will be hard now that WE are gone. *wink* We will somehow, someway make our way back to Ocean City, New Jersey before the summer ends. It's just a magical place to be with Gavin and Brian. As I watched them on the beach...on the rides...playing with their cousins...my heart would just explode. I know it's so cliche, but it seems like yesterday that both of them were born. And now they have big feet and big personalities and big opinions and big toothy smiles. I'm not sure when that happened - and I'm not sure how I got so lucky.

I love my little family.

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